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Reclaim Your Core Essence – Spring 2016

Responding to imbalance in our masculine and feminine energies is a huge need in today’s world. For decades, many women, or those people who identify with a feminine core, have been operating from more masculine energy. This shows up as more logical, action-oriented; a ‘doer’ mentality. Within relation to men (or people with a more

Totem: Muses of Musical Medicine

By Moriah Hope There are many facets to the art of sound. Whether sound vibration bounces off a live percussionist directly to your ear drums or through the intricate construct of a quality speaker, there is a noticeable effect on our body, mind, and spirit. I am increasingly fascinated by music theory and the free-spirited,

Envision Festival Review

Claire Boyce gives us her newcomers guide to ENVISION FEST!

Elephant Revival: Muses of Musical Medicine

By Moriah Hope What is it that speaks directly to your soul? I believe we can agree that music is a universal heart language for all humanity. Whether it’s classical Beethoven, tribal djembe, jazzy Nina Simone, or eccentric electronica, your vibration of choice enhances the space you inhabit, meaning it raises your personal vibration (body,

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Collapse of the U.S. Middle Class

By Rachel A Farrow Who took my job? After the 2008 recession, the middle class has finally gotten their jobs back...but for how long?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a pro-corporate free trade agreement that will determine the welfare of the United States economy for many decades to come. The deal is being negotiated with

Symbiosis Festival Review

Writing & Photography by: Christina Knoll & Melissa Mae Smith Symbiosis knows how to throw a conscious party! Attendees grooved to the best musical vibrations Oakdale, California could ask for. Sounds that can only be described as “jungle disco beats” were heard at the Swimbiosis Stage during the heat of the day, where many of us

Disconnection Epidemic – Winter 2016

With the increased speed of life and the inundation of technology, it has become so much easier to disconnect from the present moment. Chances are you are a yogi/yogini seeking a path of health, balance and vitality in your life and in your practice. Most likely the regular practice of yoga has helped you align

Heroines of Mother Earth, Environmental – Winter 2016

Writing and Photography: Jennifer Palmer Ever since I was a little girl, I always felt the nourishment and nurturing of ‘Mother Earth’. She soothes me during life’s wildest storms and protects my vulnerable heart when it has been hurt. She guides me when I feel utterly lost and lifts me when I convinced that I am

Still Waters Run Deep, Jaya – Winter 2016

Written By: Stacy O’Neill, 500 RYT, CPT It always began the same way: the girls built a No Boys Allowed igloo from the previous night’s snow juxtaposed with the Girls Keep Out snow fort.  It was only a matter of time before an innocuous frosted orb lobbed across the expanse and over an encampment’s wall.

Cover Warrior Preview – Winter 2016

Amanda Scott and Bridget Law SYJ: What are the 3 most positive changes you wish to see grow and gain momentum? Are there certain things you do to encourage this already? Amanda: More small farms,which in turn would be fewer large, commodity farms. And no more GMO’s. is takes educating people on why they need