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Your Cosmic Choreography in 2017

VerDarLuz is a holistic Life and Business Coach, using the sacred languages of astrology


Guru and agent of collective expansion and inspired growth, Jupiter, will make it to the exact halfway point…

Cosmic Summer Cycles, VerdarLuz

Three major configurations highlight Summer 2016’s skies. These include three transformative eclipses at Summer’s end, as well as Mars turning direct in Scorpio, joining asteroid of commitment and sacred partnership, Juno, in Scorpio all summer.

Reducing Resistance; Following the Wild Geese: Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability – Jaya – Spring 2016

Written By: Alan McAllister On the ground humans pushing their way through deep snow work together as well. Each person in turn tramps the snow deeper, reducing resistance for the next. They also rotate the lead like cyclists in the tour de France. The advantages of co-operation; reduction of resistance, conservation of energy, and efficiency

6 Genius Steps to Renovation, Jaya – Spring 2016

Written By: Stacy O’Neill, 500 RYT, CPT My paternal grandfather used to say: “Any barn looks good with a fresh coat of paint.”  I imagine he meant that both literally and figuratively. He lived in Maine where barns are just part of the daily landscape and more specifically, his daily landscape. His barn, I’m sure,

Modern Entrepreneur – Spring 2016

Transformotion is a movement experience that honors the sacredness of the dance.
It honors our lineage by acknowledging our capacity to heal our self and our communities through movement.

Modern Entrepreneur – Spring 2016

Debbie Rosas is the co-creator and founder of Nia. Credited with shaping the mind-body fitness category, she is a leading fitness innovator, teacher, author…

Envision Festival Review

Claire Boyce gives us her newcomers guide to ENVISION FEST!

Spring Cycles of Renewal, VerdarLuz – Spring 2016

Spring Cycles of Renewal:Into the Cradle of the AlchemistBy: Verdarluz Numerology 9 & The Fire Monkey In this essay, we will look at the major cosmic cycles rebirthing us all this Spring, including Mars and Mercury Retrograde, as well as explore the larger themes symbolized by the Numerology of 2016, the number 9, and the

Reserved For Nature: South Padre Island’s Fight – SPRING 2016

Help save South Padre Island! Read the article and sign the petition!

Cover Warrior Preview – Spring 2016

Meet Shakti Spring Cover Warriors, Elana Meta and Sofia Thom!

Eco-Village Community Carbon Trees – SEVA Spring 2016

Find out more on Costa Rica’s Eco-Village Community Carbon Trees.