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2018 Astrology

***DON’T MISS LIVE INTERVIEW WITH VERDARLUZ LIVE INTERVIEW*** Scroll to the bottom to sign up for VerDarLuz’s upcoming online seminar Together as One: Awakening in 2018 by: VerDarLuz NUMEROLOGY: It takes Two to Tango A completely new 9-year cycle emerged in 2017, under a Universal Year 1. What we began in 2017 may be experienced as

Spring 2017 Astrology

Re-considering Destiny By: VerDarLuz Mark Your Calendars SPRING 2017 NEW & FULL MOONS March: New Moon: March 28th, 2:59 am GMT. 7 degrees Aries. April: Full Moon: April 11th, 6.09 am GMT. 21 degrees Libra. New Moon / Supermoon: April 26th, 12:17 pm GMT. 6 degrees Taurus. May: Full Moon: May 10th, 9:44 pm GMT.