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Muses of Musical Medicine -Julia Freifeld

Interview with: Julia Freifeld, Singer & Songwriter, Interviewed by: Moriah Hope Listen Here! The Shakti Journal: To start, share a little back-story on yourself and your motivation to share music with the world. Julia Freifeld: I’ve always been singing my lungs out. I remember in public my mom was always cracking up because everywhere we

Plant a Tree for Free Today Thanks to Connectavid

Yes, you can plant a tree today by setting up your free profile on the new social media channel for progressives.


Yoga teachers share their most outrageous OOPS!

One Tribe: Muses of Musical Medicine

We come together to protect our people.

Adam Elfers : Muses of Musical Medicine

Music’s journey across the timeline of humanity has evolved, shifted and transformed just like every other aspect of life.

Modern Entrepreneur- Jill Factor

I am a somatic educator. I teach a fitness and lifestyle practice called Nia as well as yoga.

Modern Entrepreneur- Laurie Bass

I was drawn to the healing arts and modalities by the need to heal myself.

Modern Entrepreneur- Christina Wolf

My studio, Embody Movement Studio, is an ever-evolving sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

OOPSKATASANA – Summer 2016

I think one of my favorite aspects of being a yoga instructor is how you choose your words.

Modern Entrepreneur – ALIA

ALIA: I spend much of my time bringing music into the world as an Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Vocalist and Producer of the Feminine Medicine™ Project.

Biko: Muses of Musical Medicine

“If we can explain music, we may find the key for all human thought.”

Totem: Muses of Musical Medicine

By Moriah Hope There are many facets to the art of sound. Whether sound vibration bounces off a live percussionist directly to your ear drums or through the intricate construct of a quality speaker, there is a noticeable effect on our body, mind, and spirit. I am increasingly fascinated by music theory and the free-spirited,