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Muses of Musical Medicine -Julia Freifeld

Interview with: Julia Freifeld, Singer & Songwriter, Interviewed by: Moriah Hope Listen Here! The Shakti Journal: To start, share a little back-story on yourself and your motivation to share music with the world. Julia Freifeld: I’ve always been singing my lungs out. I remember in public my mom was always cracking up because everywhere we

Musings with William Jerome

Muses of Musical Medicine Musings with William Jerome LISTEN HERE Brought to you by: Moriah Hope Let’s start this off with using our imagination. I’d like you to think of one of your favorite songs. Don’t think too hard. Whichever song makes its appearance in your consciousness first, let it play. Crank the imaginary volume and

Muses of Musical Medicine

With Laura Wilfer, a.k.a. Lowilf, Interviewed by Moriah Hope Humans live in multiple worlds simultaneously: the physical reality, the mental sea of thoughts, the emotional pool of memories… what else? I believe music is a dimension of its own, a time-traveling vibrational phenomenon that carries us through a journey across all timelines. Science shows us