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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Success

Author: Vishen Lakhiani Publisher: Rodale Wellness Book Review by: Moriah Hope Maybe you’re like me and you’ve read a multitude of self-help books. They served you well in the moment but for some dang reason you just keep falling into the same old limiting patterns in your life. You’ve read books on chakra balancing, sound

Muses of Musical Medicine

With Laura Wilfer, a.k.a. Lowilf, Interviewed by Moriah Hope Humans live in multiple worlds simultaneously: the physical reality, the mental sea of thoughts, the emotional pool of memories… what else? I believe music is a dimension of its own, a time-traveling vibrational phenomenon that carries us through a journey across all timelines. Science shows us

Grounding and Manifestation

By: Alan McAllister Ph.D. Prologue We live now in what the ancient Chinese might have called “interesting times.” In today’s world there seems to be layer after layer of stresses, inner and outer. The outer and the inner affect each other, in many ways they help create each other. In order to find peace in

Duality and Sacred Union

A photon birthed in a star in the early universe, ten billion years ago

Riding Geodesics – Jaya

Not all that wander are lost. Not all that are paused are stuck.

Emotions, Karma & Freewill – Jaya

Bright summer  afternoon sun filtered onto the expansive wooden porch, shaded by the dense green of large maples.

Reducing Resistance; Following the Wild Geese: Energy, Efficiency and Sustainability – Jaya – Spring 2016

Written By: Alan McAllister On the ground humans pushing their way through deep snow work together as well. Each person in turn tramps the snow deeper, reducing resistance for the next. They also rotate the lead like cyclists in the tour de France. The advantages of co-operation; reduction of resistance, conservation of energy, and efficiency

Clearing Stones, Jaya – Winter 2016

Written By: Alan McAllister While the stones in our yard were placed there by a previous landscaper in order to conserve water, the stones in those eastern fields come up out of the earth every spring. Each winter, water in the fields condenses, becomes ice in the earth, expands then melts, sinks, freezes and expands

Harvesting Life, Jaya – Fall 2015

Harvesting LifeBy: Alan McAllister, PhD I feel into the space in front of me, wanting to soar out into it like the vultures circling effortlessly over the canyon below (Andrews, 200). My spirit body is already flying, while my physical body is expressing the fear it has about separation, or that I might do something