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One Tribe: Muses of Musical Medicine

We come together to protect our people.

Adam Elfers : Muses of Musical Medicine

Music’s journey across the timeline of humanity has evolved, shifted and transformed just like every other aspect of life.

Biko: Muses of Musical Medicine

“If we can explain music, we may find the key for all human thought.”

Totem: Muses of Musical Medicine

By Moriah Hope There are many facets to the art of sound. Whether sound vibration bounces off a live percussionist directly to your ear drums or through the intricate construct of a quality speaker, there is a noticeable effect on our body, mind, and spirit. I am increasingly fascinated by music theory and the free-spirited,

Elephant Revival: Muses of Musical Medicine

By Moriah Hope What is it that speaks directly to your soul? I believe we can agree that music is a universal heart language for all humanity. Whether it’s classical Beethoven, tribal djembe, jazzy Nina Simone, or eccentric electronica, your vibration of choice enhances the space you inhabit, meaning it raises your personal vibration (body,

Cover Warrior Preview – Winter 2016

Amanda Scott and Bridget Law SYJ: What are the 3 most positive changes you wish to see grow and gain momentum? Are there certain things you do to encourage this already? Amanda: More small farms,which in turn would be fewer large, commodity farms. And no more GMO’s. is takes educating people on why they need