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Alais Clay: Music, Resiliency and Empowerment

Shifting social narratives through the mic, Alais Clay is using her voice to bring community together.

Into the Mind & Music of Freedom Movement

A look into the inspirations behind the music of Freedom Movement

Shakti Book Review: Quantum Leap

Outkina instructs readers to enter a mindless state in order to attain a more optimal life experience.

The Healing Powers of Mantra and Bhajan

Through the ancient practice of uttering mantras and singing bhajans (songs with a spiritual theme), we can discover just how powerful words really are as they travel through sound. The above quote, found in medieval hindu literature, describes this power and also poses the paradox of writing about something that can only be realized through

Healing Hot Springs Around the U.S.

Editor’s Choice: Favorite Hot Springs for Healing Schedule some mineral soaks into your next road trip. Shakti Editor Rising McDowell shares her favorite hot springs across the continental U.S., with tips for planning your visit and camping. By Rising McDowell ‘I sensed a powerful medicinal quality about the water, and it wasn’t just me –

Shakti Review: Snow Flower & The Secret Fan

Lisa See's Cultural and Historical Cues Illuminate Chinese Womanhood By Rising McDowell Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Lisa See, Penguin Random House LLC, Copyright 2005, $17.00 Lisa See paints a gripping portrait of Chinese womanhood in this historical-fiction memoir of a 19th-century rural Chinese girl. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan follows the life

Preview of the 8th annual Florida Herbal Conference

Join the Shakti team for education, herbs, community, and music!February 22-24, 2019 The eighth annual Florida Herbal Conference will be hosted February 22-24, 2019 at the beautiful Retreats by the Lake at Camp La Llanada on Tiger Lake in Lake Wales, Florida. Retreats by the Lake is a recently renovated camp nestled in an old growth

Shakti Book Review: End of America

Warning Drums are EchoingBy Shareshten Senior The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot Naomi Wolf, Chelsea Green Publishing, $19.95 While The End of America was published in 2007, it could not be more relevant and essential for every U.S. citizen to understand; it is the most comprehensive book documenting the legislation, covert tactics and manipulation of the masses used to destroy

The Tribe of Light Symphony Orchestra

Music’s journey across the timeline of humanity has evolved, shifted and transformed just like every other aspect of life.

A Friend for the Wintertime: The TAO Mat

A Friend for the Wintertime: The TAO Mat A review of HealthyLine's InfraMat Pro®: The Small 18x18 TAO Mat By Rising McDowell The first time I used my Heated TAO Mat I didn’t want to turn it off. It was a cold and rainy evening and I had been chilly for a while. I set