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Shakti Book Review: Salt Sugar Fat

“As a feat of reporting and a public service, Salt Sugar Fat is a remarkable accomplishment.” —The New York Times Evidence Prompts Deeper InquiryBy Moriah Hope Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us Michael Moss, Random House Trade Paperbacks Taste, cost, convenience. These are the standard points of focus for the processed food

Shakti Book Review: The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Author: Vishen Lakhiani Publisher: Rodale Wellness Book Review by: Moriah Hope Maybe you’re like me and you’ve read a multitude of self-help books. They served you well in the moment but for some dang reason you just keep falling into the same old limiting patterns in your life. You’ve read books on chakra balancing, sound

Muses of Musical Medicine -Julia Freifeld

Interview with: Julia Freifeld, Singer & Songwriter, Interviewed by: Moriah Hope Listen Here! The Shakti Journal: To start, share a little back-story on yourself and your motivation to share music with the world. Julia Freifeld: I’ve always been singing my lungs out. I remember in public my mom was always cracking up because everywhere we

Mexico’s Earthquakes

The Deadly Anniversary: A Recount of What was By: Arthur Fields September 19th, 2017: Mexico City woke up to the 32nd anniversary of its most devastating natural disaster in recent history: an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that brought hundreds of buildings to the ground, killed thousands, and left as many as a quarter million people homeless

Musings with William Jerome

Muses of Musical Medicine Musings with William Jerome LISTEN HERE Brought to you by: Moriah Hope Let’s start this off with using our imagination. I’d like you to think of one of your favorite songs. Don’t think too hard. Whichever song makes its appearance in your consciousness first, let it play. Crank the imaginary volume and

Shakti Book Review: The New Feminine Evolutionary

The New Feminine Evolutionary  Published by: Flower of Life Press Book Review by: Shareshten Senior “When you hide, shield, or pretend to be something less, you can not obtain balance. Instead, you create a loathing or shameful existence for yourself. Not willing to accept all sides breeds shame for who you are and attracts less