Re-considering Destiny

By: VerDarLuz

Mark Your Calendars



New Moon: March 28th, 2:59 am GMT. 7 degrees Aries.


Full Moon: April 11th, 6.09 am GMT. 21 degrees Libra.

New Moon / Supermoon: April 26th, 12:17 pm GMT. 6 degrees Taurus.


Full Moon: May 10th, 9:44 pm GMT. 20 degrees Scorpio.

New Moon / Supermoon: May 25th, 7.45 pm GMT. 4 degrees Gemini.


Full Moon: June 9th, 1:11 pm GMT. 18 degrees Sagittarius.

New Moon / Supermoon: June 24th, 2:32 am GMT. 2 degrees 47 minutes Cancer.


SPRING RETROGRADES: Mercury and Venus Dive Within

Mercury Retrograde: April 9th – May 3rd

4 degrees Earth-sign Taurus to 24 degrees Fire-sign Aries

Venus Retrograde: March 4th – April 15th

13 degrees Fire-sign Aries to 26 degrees Water-sign Pisces

Remember the end of Summer 2015, the summer of that glorious Venus/Jupiter conjunction in royal superstar Leo?  Well, that was the last Venus Retrograde cycle. Once every 18 months, goddess of relationship, finances, and your artistic path journeys backwards through the sky. This reverse dance of the Sacred Feminine creates a deep questioning of our values. Why are we investing money in the areas we do? Is this creative path really fulfilling? Are my partner and I really aligned in our goals, and the ways we want to share our time, energy, and finances?

Mercury Retrograde

Since we all live in Mercury’s fast paced techno world of cell phones, laptops, cars and international flights, Mercury’s retrograde cycle tends to impact our lives in consistently dramatic ways. While Mercury is Retrograde, remember to back up all important information and triple check travel documents. Follow up with the emails and phone calls that didn’t get through, and allow for delays in travel or repairs with vehicles. Retrograde frustration can be transcended through both humor and reflection on the previous three months, as well as strategizing for the approaching three months.

Beginning at 4 degrees Taurus and ending at 24 degrees Aries, this cycle will emphasize our ability to be resource-conscious (Taurus) even amidst desires to transcend personal limitation (Aries).   How do we seize the opportunities and take the necessary risks to evolve without completely bankrupting our energy?  Since February, the Aries archetype has dominated our relational lives, transiting Venus and Mars. Now, Mercury’s retrograde makes us question if we truly do desire what we thought we wanted. Has it been worth all the time, energy, and monetary investment?

Aries acts without much strategy and forethought, so this retrograde is the time to really determine if our direction is sustainable. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition will propel the collective revolutionary fervor, splintering certain segments of the world while uniting those who desire change, freedom, and equality for all.


Venus Retrograde

The Venus retrograde cycle will also force us to clarify our creative path and values, including how we earn and spend money. We will tune into the difference between “spending” and “investing.” Where do we leak or waste energy, and where do we invest now to earn more later?

We feel Venus Retrograde most strongly through relationship tests and a magnetism towards intense reflection through partners. We often attract our previous relationships to help us clarify our emerging values, attractions, and desires. Often, relationships begun under Venus Retrograde do not endure for long due to an underlying, often unconscious intention to resolve or integrate some deeper and more essential need. Thus, karmic relationships are more likely during this cycle, and our entire relationship world from March 4 – April 15 invites us to compassionately establish what is truly important and divinely aligned in our collaborations, friendships, and intimacy.

The Aries-Pisces journey of the goddess of love asks us to integrate deeper passion and autonomy: how will we balance the “let’s-get-real” attitude of Aries with the potential of holy relationship and spirituality of Pisces? As we learn to balance these two aspects, we must be careful to avoid the unnecessary arrows of conflict-hungry Aries and the idealistic and disillusioned projections of Pisces.


(Read for Your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs)


Nonstop. You’ve been on overdrive all winter, Aries. With Mars and Venus both in your sign, and now with Mercury and Venus both retrograde in your sign, your furious daredevil spirit is being tested. First, hasty decisions and defensive words could burn bridges. You benefit from careful consideration of the impact of your words and the promises you make.

Relationships have been and will continue to dominate your consciousness. The opportunism of Aries will afford plenty of choice playgrounds in which to cavort, but the question still remains, “Can I commit to something or someone beyond the precious moment?” Jupiter’s opposition invites the “medicine” of collaboration and support directed towards the other. Open your heart to Love’s messengers now, as they reflect important lessons for you.

Especially aided by Saturn in Sagittarius, your fallback into the “solopreneur” role may no longer serve you, your community, or the world at large. Your discipline and caution will be your success in all areas this season.


The first ten degrees of the Bull will be met by Mercury’s retrograde in the first two weeks of April. A vibratory being, Taurus learns through the five senses and so this retrograde period will ask you if there is enough sensuality in your life, especially since both the passionate Mars and the asteroid of sexual pleasure, Eros, is in your sign this spring. Don’t let the aggressions of Mars cause unnecessary conflict, rather allow the warrior to infuse you with the fuel to achieve your desires.

Take time to literally dig into the earth more this spring, Taurus. Especially around your birthday, indulge yourself in the simple pleasures of caressing the season’s colorful blossoms and bathing in its aromatic wonders. Join Krishna’s flute and his devotional Gopis: dance naked on a mountaintop and let out a shimmering song of gratitude through every muscle and every movement. Abundance is your birth right: do not doubt your resilient ability to attract it this spring and recognize it in all forms, not just money.


Young Jedi Gemini, your camouflage will be tested this spring as Mars supercharges you, possibly tossing you into a role of influential leadership. With Saturn’s opposition, your teaching, coaching, and storytelling are asking for a more solid structure on which to build a stable and enduring foundation. Doubt and negativity, the evil Gemini twin, may hinder your ability to shine the light of consciousness on others’ uncertainty this season.

In your quest to be liberated from the negative, remember that saying Yes to one instant is to say Yes to all of existence. Having said Yes to the instant, life bursts into a chain of affirmations that has no limit. A new face of existence unmasks itself to you this spring, Gemini. Proclaim your YES to be transported to your higher calling.


This year’s Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square has really thrown this timid crab into the Gladiator’s ring, especially with Venus retrograde in Aries, squaring you off with the key relationships in your life. This spring is a time to strengthen your shell, noticing where the armor protects but also where it hides you from expressing your fullest potential.

Your mothering responsibilities may feel overwhelming this spring, but your capacity to care is actually growing and stirring deep concern for your kindred souls. In every way you heal and serve, you are also transforming yourself. Your nurturing has innovative new potentials and a power to influence others towards evolution in a way unparalleled thus far.


February’s Lunar Eclipse shot your creative energy out of a cannon this winter, and now you face the hard work of manifesting that vision and rippling out your song for all to hear. Saturn’s trine in Sagittarius supports possible work-related travel, and that work may involve a tending of the inner roar that has been suppressed and silenced for far too long.

Expect a lot of dynamic tension from Mars’s square this April, but know that there are rewards within the conflict or feelings of exhaustion that may arise. These are your kindling, Leo. Now it’s time to run across the coals and breathe your fire for all to hear.


Virgo, that critical voice you so often hear now aligns you with a higher purpose. As your energy increases this April with Mars’ trine, your service reaches new peaks. Time has ripened for risk-taking (uncommon territory for you, Virgo), but don’t let over analysis paralyze you.

Commit even deeper to the daily practices that keep you grounded. These practices will help you strategically increase the expansive growth you experienced last year. Even as you inspire others, let yourself feel the joy and abundance that you have worked so hard to cultivate in your life.


You live and breathe the pulse of partnership. Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign opens up horizons of unfathomed collaboration. The artist in you has been expanding her impact, the lover in you has been learning to live from her heart, and now relationships feel both precious and profound.

But have you said yes to too much this year? Can you follow through on your commitments? So much will depend on your ability to let Spirit’s voice move through you, and to truly trust what is unfolding without knowing what remains on the other side. You are asked to travel and soar into your destiny by summer’s birth. Savor the journey, accept the bounty.


Although it seems impossible Scorpio, your passions may intensify this spring with Mars in Taurus opposite your sign. Your sexuality will literally have an energy shot or ten, so this might be your golden season for studying sex magick and the art of conscious creation through intentional sexuality.

It is likely that an adversary will rouse you into action. Instead of playing into oppositional battles, allow your restless energy to motivate your determination and entrepreneurial focus. Remember to surrender control while considering your primary gift: the ability to blend resources for mutual empowerment.


For most of May and June, Mars’ surging inner fire will catalyze your outer desire to expand without limit, Sagittarius. Nevertheless, you have been learning how to say “no” with greater acceptance, ease and grace over the last two years with Saturn chaining you like Prometheus to the “rock of reality.”

Although the confines may have at times felt like a prison sentence of heavy burden and responsibility, your path of Mastery is unfolding according to the laws of Chronos. The Divine Plan of Time is shaping your ability to maturely guide those who seek your wise counsel. Without your faith tested, what purpose would be all the years of philosophical inquiry and seeking?

Although he will bring a possible conflict, Mars’ opposition this spring may support the focused travel or trip that will solidify the Teacher in you, helping you lead others for the rest of this year without hesitation, as an authority, and with respect and dignity.


This spring’s cardinal T-square with Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus, fueled by Mercury retrograde in Aries, asks you to consider your words and actions even more carefully than usual. You have become the General, mastering the Art of War. The first step in this delicate art is to beware the sword of the tongue. Turn the defense and reaction into a strategic tool to realize your ambition.

Your greatest leadership potential this spring is to use speech as a way to motivate yourself and others without engaging in conflict. Avoiding the war altogether and aligning your resources with efficiency is the sign of your true leadership this spring.


With Mars’ frictional square in April you will feel a surge of energy that may keep you running a bit ragged with all the social commitments. As Mars’ trine comes in May and June, you will learn that each of these surges of energy, though a bit chaotic, is actually compelling you to take a stronger leadership role in your community. You hold some key ingredient to the recipe of summer’s festivities, gatherings, and experiences of awakening.

This spring is an alchemical cauldron of creation for the water-bearer, inviting the Aquarius to invoke the future NOW. You must share the collective vision with limitless presence, painting a vision of the potency of collaboration. Has there been something you’ve been dying to teach, that you know would aid the collective? Get out from behind the scenes and magnetize your Aquarian Age mission.


With late February’s Solar Eclipse close to Neptune, you are dancing with the law of attraction. Following Moon in Pisces Martin Luther King Jr., you are now dissolving boundaries between this 3D world and the Spirit World. Your imagination, creativity and leadership will experience new heights all spring.

The Fish likes to flow and not be weighed down by too much responsibility, but Saturn in your area of career demands that you take a more serious approach to your career and bring integrity and discipline to your professional goals. Thus, use any extra resources of time or money to structure your dreamy, contemplative, or meditative moments into your day and feel the balance between accountability in your career and spiritual life.

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