What’s Lined Up?

The first annual Shakti Speak Easy is a LIVE EVENT to bring together a community of collaborators who want to see peaceful & positive change in the world.

Our night together will include:

• 5 Star, locally sourced sit-down dinner
• Live music with Alais Clay, Freedom Movement & Little Star
• Raffle and silent auction with goods from our earth-friendly sponsors
• Talks from our featured speakers Dr. Cynthia McKinney & Gloria Flora
• Panel discussion on the most important things we can do as individuals and
  as a collective to take care of our communities and protect our rights

• Q&A for attendees to directly engage with speakers
• Live painting and art sale with Ashton Hullinger
• Book signing with our featured author TBA
• Live comedy hour

Why Speak Easy?

Saloons in New England, especially during the prohibition era, were known commonly as “speak-easies” because of the practice of speaking quietly about them, or inside of them, so as not to alert the police. We believe we need these types of spaces again. Not to drink booze, but to share ideas, organize and protect our rights and the natural world in these trying times.

Our speakers will addressing solution-oriented responses to issues like consolidation of the media, incrimination of free speech, degradation of environmental law, and other pressing issues that affect all Americans.

featured speakers

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia Ann McKinney is an American politician, civil rights activist, and six time United States Congresswoman currently teaching at North South University in Bangladesh.

Driven by a deep devotion to free the oppressed and see justice restored, Cynthia was recently stranded in international waters and rescued by the Lebanese Navy as she attempted to deliver humanitarian assistance to the besieged people of Gaza during military attack. She also served time in an Israeli prison for attempting to deliver school supplies to Gaza’s children during this humanitarian crisis.

As an advocate for the disadvantaged and working-class, Cynthia is fiercely anti-war and has continually prioritized fighting injustice and prejudice in the U.S. Cynthia’s brave contributions to our civil rights are too many to name, and we are honored to have her join us as guest speaker at the Shakti Speak Easy.

Gloria Flora

Gloria Flora is the founder and director of Sustainable Obtainable Solutions, an organization dedicated to the sustainable management of public lands. In her 22-year career for the US Forest Service she became internationally recognized for her leadership in ecosystem management and preservation.

During her time with the US Forest Service, she made a landmark decision to protect the Lewis & Clark National Forest from hydraulic fracturing and the 356,000-acre Rocky Mountain Front from natural gas leasing.

Gloria works throughout the U.S. with the Center for Climate Strategies to assist states in developing climate change action plans, and she recently co-authored a report on how Montana can become energy self-reliant through renewable energy, efficiency and conservation. She joins the Shakti Speak Easy as a wealth of knowledge and inspiration on real and effective ways we can protect our precious natural resources.

The Shakti Journal will be donating $1 per Speak Easy ticket sold to Community Carbon Trees!


Reforestation in Central America

 with Community Carbon Trees


Community Carbon Trees is a community-based nonprofit that
plants over 100 species of native trees in Costa Rica to stop deforestation and empower local communities in environmental & social transformation.

The Shakti Journal is honored to be supporting their work in going above & beyond to ensure the establishment and growth of biodiverse tropical forests while providing lasting employment that creates strong local economies.

Learn More about CCT Ticket Info

musical guests

Art Gallery & Live Painter

“While the internet is an extremely valuable tool, we want to encourage less screen time and more face-to-face time. Online social networking can never replace the power of actually coming together to share good food, comedy and community.”

Moriah Hope / Writer

At the Heart of Shakti and the core of the Speak Easy is the catalyst for change and alchemy between what already is and what we vision could be. The movement behind the event itself is a burning desire to awaken the mind and stimulate the heart to create conscious change upon the planet.”

Rising McDowell / Editor

“The Shakti Speak Easy is an opportunity to be in a community free from fear, silencing and control, which is the only way to exercise freedom of thought and speech.”

Shareshten Senior / Founder