Shareshten Senior

Shareshten Senior first founded Shakti Yogi Journal in 2014. After printing and distributing nationally and¬†internationally for 3 years, the team decided to re-open as The Shakti Journal in 2017 changing their business model to be online subscription based and merchandising eco-friendly helpful daily items to enhance the conscious lifestyle and provide non-harming gifts that make the world a better place. In Shakti’s mission to provide the most cutting edge information for its readers, it birthed the Shakti Review section at this time to provide cutting edge, timeless, and radical book reviews for our curious and expansive readers.

Shareshten grew up bi-coastally between upstate NY and SanFrancisco and now continues to split her time between small beach town in Florida and ‘city life’ in Portland, OR. When she is not publishing Shakti, you may find her with her dogs in the forest or somewhere off grid.