Jeanine Katherine Endsley

I am elated to be a Shakti Goddess! My roots first found their home along the fresh waters of Lake Michigan. I discovered my passion for writing and nature as a young girl, being surrounded by such abundant earth magic. I’ve been writing since I was a child, intoxicating myself in the fragrant flowers around me and then capturing those infinite moments through poetic musings that have now woven the thread of the timeless. I studied Massage Therapy and Holistic Healing at the Institute of Natural Therapies six years ago, and have been practicing ever since. My passion for intuitive, nature-based healing has taken me to some incredible places upon the planet and has also allowed my Sagittarius wings to set soar! I spent a year and a half in the jungles of Costa Rica, alongside the mighty Pacific Ocean, soaking up the potent jungle medicine and finding myself and my heart in the midst of it all. When I returned from the jungle, I studied Herbalism at the Florida School of Holistic Living. My passion for plant medicine guides me every day, and I am truly honored to be an advocate for the plants and to see them as my teacher. I am also deeply passionate about the Divine Feminine and my heart comes alive when I facilitate sister circles. Offering my heart to the richness of my passions has guided me perfectly on my path to the here and now. I am also presently very excited to be on the initiatory path of Mamahood, as I will be birthing a bright little being of love into this world this Fall. The gratitude I feel to be on this path runs deep, and I am humbled by the immeasurable beauty that is my walk and offering at this time. Look for my creative writing, content, book reviews, and the herbal, holistic, and maternal topics coming regularly to SJ.