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Dear Shakti Readers:

Welcome to our new website and the birth of The Shakti Journal as an online library resource that features eco-friendly and sustainable life-tools to enhance the lives of the peaceful warriors, you.

We are living in some of the most confusing and misinformed times the world has ever seen. There has never been the ability to influence the masses by only 5 corporations that own the whole mainstream media. The mainstream media includes everything you see in print and on TV, everything you hear on the radio and news. For example, you may think that something like PBS is not owned by the 5 corporate interests, but you would be wrong. PBS relies on huge donations. In fact, after a radio broadcast saying that Facebook was illegally selling people’s private information, the same reporter concluded the report with the exact words: ‘as a reminder, Facebook is a donor to PBS.’ Then they just move on to the next topic and the masses become desensitized and confused.

This is why independent media and free speech are so important right now. This is why we at Shakti Journal aim to shed light on the stories the mainstream media is purposely by-passing or white-washing. Unfortunately, profits have been put above the people, which means we are a morally bankrupt people if we get our values from #MSM. We have forgotten our own sovereignty and so we are losing it as a people. We have forgotten Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self Reliance and what the American Dream meant before materialism and mass division. Further, what being a tribal humanity means is being lost into a mass mono-culture of consumerism. The Shakti Journal aims to inspire you to dust off the tools of your capacity to create, heal, build healthy community, and be even more inspired to make a difference everyday.

This summer The Shakti Journal is hosting her first event The Shakti Speak Easy #ShaktiSpeakEasy — We would love your help sharing the event on social media and with friends. We are hosting former congresswoman of Georgia Dr. Cynthia McKinney and the environmental queen of the forest Gloria Flora. Cynthia has inspired me with her honesty, fearlessness, and books. Gloria got fracking banned from the front range of Lewis & Clark National Forest. This is an evening where we will dress to the nines, drink too much kombucha, and connect with ideas and people that will grow our solidarity, community, and knowledge base. Not to mention dance to some super high vibrational music! I hope you will join us at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR on August 22, 2019.

Meanwhile, you can expect a full array of Spring articles. The whole team has been consumed in the rebuild and now we can commence on bringing you all the good spring Shakti articles, which have been waiting for a live site to grace.

With many thanks to you, the reader, the seeker, the listener, the mover, the shaker. May this spring and summer fill you with the joy of synchronicity.


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