Review by: Matthew James Bailey

I approached my review with one simple question; Does The Evolutionary Guidebook live up to its title?

I mean, anyone with the audacity in 2016 to entitle their book, “The Evolutionary Guidebook” deserves a critical review! All kidding aside, there is something very special about this little book and it drew me in from the start. Its approach is uniquely relatable to the human journey and left me feeling inspired to become an integral part of an emerging human solution, starting with my heart.

I loved its layout and found the content highly relevant to any person desiring a conscious and empowered life. MysterE brilliantly engineers his content to flow through eight short chapters which build upon themselves, bringing the reader to a place of introspection and openness to a new approach to all relationships. The book offers instructions on how to open the heart to manifest healing and life purpose. By the end of the book, I feel like anything is possible – and change is happening.

The Evolutionary Guidebook is perfectly titled – It is a fantastic guide for living consciously, and provides simple tools for empowering relationships and has the power to initiate global change when practiced by groups of people.

I imagine the author, MysterE to be living a lifestyle beyond the edge of what most people can see for the future, and is beckoning us into a new paradigm with radical trust in the human heart. It’s refreshingly hopeful and practical. I am in.

This small little book has taken me by surprise with its profound wisdom, and I am left feeling into my heart for what wants to happen for my life, rather than what ‘I’ want to happen. This feels like a far more sustainable approach for my life, and for the entire planet.

To conclude, the answer to my question is a “YES”. I fully recommend this book as it has already made a positive impact in my life. Available on, The Evolutionary Guidebook is a must read.

The Evolutionary Guidebook - Written by: MysterE Smith

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