Modern Lessons on Self Reliance

Unleash the Beast: 127 Radical Thoughts on Self Reliance

Author: Polina Outkina

Review by: Shareshten Senior

Polina fearlessly explores the toxicity of new age-isms in several of her radical thoughts. After years of studying ancient healing arts and a decade of teaching yoga, I can relate to many of Polina’s insights. I have found that most people in the “new-age” community ascribe to some version of ‘The Secret’ or the ‘law of attraction,’ while completely neglecting humility and surrender. In yogic philosophy this surrender is called Ishvara Pranidhana, and it is one of the 5 Niyamas (positive duties) that recommends the yogi to surrender to universal will – as opposed to manipulating it for materialistic and egoic means.

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Part of this process of surrender is fully heeding the body’s needs and honoring its full potential. Yogic science teaches that by surrendering and humbling ourselves to our bodies, we actually empower our ‘higher self’.

I have found these teachings and the practices leading to their validity to be true for me, and Polina addresses what we must surrender to, nourish, act on, through out the book, starting with body, working through mind, and reaching to spirit:

Some may say I am not the body. But yes, you are the body. The body that is yours is what you vibrate as. It is exceptional as it is the most articulate, accurate, description of your soul and the specific human path that you are here to take this time. It is not a myth, nor is it a mirage. It is the mirror of you. There is no other body for the special path you are treading. Yes, this body is currently the only you, all speculation and oversouls aside. Own it. There is no other you in any dimension, be it digital, physical, conceptual, intergalactic or ethereal. The body is it.’’

This points in the direction of the entire book: self responsibility. This is the part that is hard to digest. I was able to really hone in on the areas of my life I still blame on family, people, circumstances, places where the victim mentality still lingers; Polina’s inquiries have a way of shining a spotlight there. The hard part always is, how we go about taking responsibility. Polina consistently says to the reader: stop judging yourself so harshly. Take control of the voices of judgement in your head and be in the moment instead. Polina suggests that by taking control of the voices in your head, you can begin a cycle of empowerment and accountability in your own evolution, instead of staying stuck in putting yourself down or blaming others.

‘Accept that success is just the process of creating, just doing, it is not receiving from the act of doing! To be a creator truly is to understand that creation is all it is — it may be unreciprocated, lost or forgotten, but that is not the point!’


How many of us wage our ‘success’ on the world’s receipt (or lack of) of our creativity? We can control our own reward feedback loop in the brain, and I have decided that after every creative act, no matter how small or insignificant I may consider it to be, I am going to stop, breathe deeply, smile, and acknowledge the success of creating. Polina does acknowledge the bravery it is to be a fully authentic and free human, and that, we are ready when we are ready. You can’t rush time or maturation. Experiences lead us to opportunity for realization. And when we are ready she tells us to:

Go into the city alone. Go to places on your own. Alone, with nothing. See what happens! Your wallet and your phone won’t cost you your life. Learn to become more independent over time. The one who walks alone dreams the biggest dreams. The spirits of the land and the people before you are there — they will support you.’


From her radical thought chapter entitled Selfishness she says that the stigma around this has done damage to our ability to be fully alive humans. This was one of the harder chapters for me to swallow, and yet, it was a visecral experience like being in an intense yoga pose (for the mind) and breathing through it to feel your body change to embrace a new truth, a new perspective. Polina writes:

‘Move on from the need to be self-less as that deems you unsteady in yourself. Giving and nurturing of others should be as a sort of surprise — a funny momentum that has no push. It just generates, just happens for no reason. To struggle as becoming selfless is a crime. It is a false way toward momentum and yes, nobody wins.’

Polina is self published and a busy woman with a huge Youtube following on her astrology channel as well as provate clients and a nomadic lifestyle. That being said, the book has its fair share of typos and is not perfectly edited, so if that bothers you terribly, you may want to skip reading this book. If you are more concerned with the essence of wisdom, these typos do not confuse the meaning or change the text and for me personally, they were comforting. So much money dumped into creativity these days and so much essence is lost, so I will take typos with essence anyday and I am thankful Polina chose to create, just as her book demands. No matter what you think of this book and the channeled messages of Polina, one cannot help but be inspired by her authenticity, and depth of realization. She is indeed a gem in the modern spiritual growth category, and I look forward to reading and reviewing many more of her books.

This book is highly motivational for the spiritual warrior who strives for self reliance. In a way Unleash the Beast is a modern spiritual look at Ralph Waldo Emerson’s classic Self Reliance.

About the Author

Polina Outkina is a gifted spiritual teacher, psychic and channel. She works with spirit to get people stable and connected to their everyday life, offering easy to integrate real world advice. Her main anchor is in astrology and spirit science – but what she offers is beyond the veil and is not placed within parameters of any specific doctrine or belief system. Her main connection, Polina identifies as collective mind of all things. At present travelling around the world, Polina offers compact advice through her readings online and in person. “To teach one has to learn” says Polina.

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