“As a feat of reporting and a public service, Salt Sugar Fat is a remarkable accomplishment.” —The New York Times

Evidence Prompts Deeper Inquiry

By Moriah Hope

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Michael Moss, Random House Trade Paperbacks

Taste, cost, convenience. These are the standard points of focus for the processed food industry heads observed by Benke, special advisor for Pillsbury’s chief executive. What’s missing here? The consideration of health and nutrition. This lack of consideration is exactly “how the food giants hooked us,” as proposed by Michael Moss, author of this #1 New York Times best seller.

Moss offers in-depth research and investigation into his claim that the ingredients shaping Americas eating habits – salt, sugar, and fat – have control over our behavior and limit our ability to function optimally. Moss contends that these ingredients are intentionally engineered by processed food industry scientists to have a specific effect on the brain which provokes a cycle that keeps us reaching for processed foods. Food industry insiders call this ‘The Bliss Point.’

“If you had any doubt as to the food industry’s complicity in our obesity epidemic, it will evaporate when you read this book.” —The Washington Post

From interviewing processed food industry insiders themselves to the visitation of various food science laboratories where the formulation of ‘The Bliss Point’ occurs, the information compiled in Moss’ work reveals explicit evidence that gives reasons to further investigate the motives and moral ethics of the processed food industry including big industry names like Coca Cola, Nestle, General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft etc.

The USA today remains the most obese country in the world, and the link between obesity and diet/nutrition has already been scientifically proven beyond the examinations made in this book. Diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis are also all on the rise and have been linked to obesity.

According to Michael Moss’s research, food industry giants don’t just lack health consciousness – their products are designed in the name of personal business interest and profit. Salt Sugar Fat is for the curious who want to inquire deeper.

What Moss’ book has uncovered further affirms my personal distaste for and disappointment in American food standards that leave us malnourished, disassociated and diseased. The standard American diet as sold by industry giants is a recipe for a complacent populace, and there is no denying that those giants are aware of this cycle of nutritional abuse.

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