A Confounded Call for Readers to Harness their Full Potential

By Jeanine Endsley

Quantum Leap: Hijack Your Reality

Polina Outkina, Self-Published Edition, Copyright 2017

In her recent book “Quantum Leap,” Polina Outkina briefly covers a variety of topics popular among yogis, pagans, “new-agers” and others who live an alternative lifestyle. Through many short and succinct chapters, Outkina instructs readers to enter a mindless state through various means in order to attain a more optimal life experience.

Quantum Leap offers insight into how we can embrace our humanity as an opportunity to transcend ways of being that keep us “stuck,” especially as relating to our attachments to the material and modern world. Outkina reaches for freedom by encouraging the reader to release the myriad societal and self-conditioned thoughts we experience over and over again. Her guidance on how to break free from these limitations and weights is blatant and forward at times, but also effective in its goal to expose us to our highest potential.

Geared towards those who are going through tumultuous change or feel stagnant in their ability to manifest what they desire, “Quantum Leap” invites us to see the perceived losses of this life as the universal way of lifting us into a higher and lighter dimension.

Outkina is very direct in stating what is not supportive of an ideal life experience. She offers quick prompts at the end of each chapter to help the reader envision a different way of stepping into the here and now by shifting your thoughts through courageous presence or, better yet, abandoning them entirely in order to “hijack your reality,” thus vanquishing suffering and struggle. Her ideas are hard to follow but at times I did find that I was able to apply the perplexing information.

  “Outkina reaches for freedom by encouraging the reader to release the myriad societal and self-conditioned thoughts we experience…”  

I hoped to find some emphasis from Outkina on what readers might be doing right and how they could nourish themselves and stoke their fires of hope within, but the energy of this book was driven and relentless to a fault.

I did enjoy the variety of chaptered themes throughout the book including Declutter, Manifestation, Shedding the Patriarchal, Deep Shifting and many others. The musings within each chapter are brief and take time to fully digest. I often found myself rereading sentences to ensure that I understood what I was reading and that it resonated with my heart and spirit. 

Outkina edited this book herself and the frequency of grammatical errors makes her ideas even harder to comprehend. The intensity of the words coupled with misspellings on almost every page continuously stuck out to me. 

I got the impression that the author was rushing to get this book printed and many times upon reading, I stopped to reread paragraphs seriatim and still felt unsure of their ultimate message. Occasionally a paragraph would make total sense and inspire me, but more often I felt taken aback by Outkina’s insistence on our inferiority in the grand scheme of things. 

While this book offers a unique approach to living outside the confines of the mind, for me it felt quite rigid because of the disciplinarian, almost harsh tone beneath much of Outkina’s writing. At times I felt discouraged by the lens through which Outkina proposes her reality—she misses the beat when it comes to compassion for the reader and for the unique circumstances each person undoubtedly faces in life. Nevertheless, I felt inspired by the continuous theme of releasing the old in order to embrace the new.

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