By: Elspeth Summers with Art by: Daina White

This book is a fantastical alchemical journey into the ethereal realms and rooted in our present time dilemma of humanity. This book is the perfect book to bring camping or to a nature hike. It is short and sweet and keeps you turning the pages through Elesai’s and Aleesia’s adventures. This is an adult fairy tale that gets the inner gears of your brain turning toward miracles you had never imagines while engulfed on a sacred adventure witnessing the world awaken to walk in alignment with the earth.

Morals of the story run as deep as the swirls of radiant colors that tantalize your eyes and right brain in tune to the magic and energy of each chapter’s adventures. One of my favorites is ‘The Eye Opens to a New Day’. The alliteration is rich with epic folklore teachings sprouting in modern times.  Through the story the reader visits the pains and tribulations of Standing Rock and pipelines being forced on the people. For those of us who were there, I have to say, it felt so validating for the Water Is Life movement to be witnessed in a work of art and deep prayer for our planet to awaken.

One of the most powerful parts for me was the empathetic look at what it is like to leave your indigenous roots for the western ways and return again (soul mangled and unaware) until you return that something had left you.

An Excerpt: Aleesia is arriving home from New York University for the first time in years; she was nervous she would feel disconnected and her appearance was western – after she arrives and feels safe, she begins reconnecting with nature.

Rain Forest Connection:

Constant humming of insects making love on vines — 

The monkeys swinging, a merry time — 

Glass eyes snakes and ant armies marching through thickest shadow — 

Smells permeating, undulating, healing —

Hours pass and the dome of luminosity change: ever beautiful, ever variant.

You can’t help but be taken by the alien abduction and go on your own adventure in your imagination of what you believe that to look like! What fun for a summer’s day by the river, or a mountain peak sit after a long hike up. All in all — this is a right brain delight. It also got me imagining the possible miracles that were at hand that could indeed shift our planet toward the light. It is a great gift to finish the book and feel like you want to create art about how the people will prevail through love and truth. Journey on warriors!

Art by: Daina White

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