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The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthyline's Rainbow Gemstone Mat, By Shareshten Senior

I never imagined I would lose my father when I was 35. He was only 25 when I was born, and I was sure I would be at least 50 by the time he passed. Well, how do you make god laugh? Plan. After a month of grieving I bought myself a healing present that I felt my dad would have gotten for me as a condolence; I would not have splurged for myself under ordinary circumstances, but let’s face it — it’s not every day your dad dies, even if it feels like it each morning the sun comes up and you must come to terms all over again. 

My father, pictured above in 2015, loved to be silly. We spent much of our time imitating Monty Python and laughing so hard our bellies hurt.

My grieving gift was Healthy Line’s Rainbow Balancing Mat. I had treated myself to an infrared bed at a spa before, and found it deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and great for my skin. The Rainbow Mat is not only infrared, but is laced with a bed of crystals that help to amplify a variety of therapeutic functions. Seven different crystal types are enmeshed within the mat, representing each chakra. I figured it would feel good to lay on a bunch of chakra crystals, even if the mat didn’t do much. I have always been somewhat skeptical, and first and foremost experiential.

Feeling restless and unable to concentrate between my daily tasks, I decided it was the perfect time to try the mat. The plan was to take a quick break and clear my mind so I could think of what to do next. I laid down on the mat turned it on high. I was feeling impatient and the mat wasn’t warming up fast enough. I took some deep breaths, trying to calm my mind, and noticed that laying down on the mat put my spine at the perfect shape, much like laying on a yoga mat can do. Then I started to notice the sensation of my pulse in my hands, feet, and heart.  A minute later I felt my whole body pulsing slowly and steadily. My breath naturally deepened, and the space between breaths lengthened.

An hour later I became lucid again, realizing I had no idea how long I had been laying there. My body felt like brick glued to the mat behind me. When I finally stood up from the floor it felt like I grew 10 feet tall. Wow, did I feel grounded and weightless all at the same time. I looked at the mat and thought, Rainbow Mat, you and I are going to have some good times. 

As a yogi, I rely on what I experience directly — what I know is what I feel. Once that intrigue is sparked, then I am destined to dive into the research and question why I had such an experience or what was physiologically happening to me.

Crystals embedded in the Rainbow Mat include:

3 lbs of Amethyst,
3 lbs of Sodalite,
7 lbs of Blue Lace Agate,
3 lbs of Green Aventurine,
3 lbs of Yellow Aventurine,
3 lbs of Carnelian,
3 lbs of Red Jasper,

Rainbow Mat Function Specs:

Calming Negative Ion Therapy, Up to 1500/cc;
Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Ray Therapy, At least 5-14 um;
PEMF Therapy, 7.8 Hz frequency (same as the earth);
Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy

FIR (Far Infrared Rays)

Imitating the sun and warming the body, these rays relieve muscle and joint pain while increasing the delivery of oxygen to parts of the body where it is needed.

Negative Ions

Negative and positively charged ions are everywhere. In a nutshell, our body is designed to operate on a negative charge, and there is literal meaning behind the phrase ‘getting grounded.’ When our bare skin is in contact with the ground, earth’s electrons, which are constantly regenerated by the global electrical circuit, are free to flow from the surface of the earth into the body. The benefits of being electrically grounded can be felt immediately, and include reduced pain and muscle soreness, deeper and more regulated sleep, improved blood flow, and a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system resulting in mental, emotional and physical feelings of calmness and relaxation.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

These pulsed waves pass directly through the body and increase the spin of electrons. This technology originated with NASA: astronauts were suffering because they were out of touch with earth’s magnetic field, and PEMF was developed to replicate that field. Trials conducted and documented by hospitals have found this treatment to yield the following benefits: reduction of pain and inflammation, improved circulation and oxygenation of blood, regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increased uptake of nutrients, improved cellular detoxification and regeneration, and accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue.1

Recommended Uses:

Meditation and deep relaxation;
Electrically grounding your body with natural therapies;
Balancing and cleansing your chakras;

Great for enhancing yoga sessions;
Used by doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals.


Not good for sleeping overnight;
Firm surface, not flexible;
No photon light therapy;
Heavy (44 lbs).

HealthyLine offers a 45-day free trial on their products, and if you aren’t satisfied after a purchase, let them know and you can get the full price of the product back. All of their mats and pillows come under a 1-year warranty, and there is a guaranteed lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy!

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