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February 22-24, 2019

The eighth annual Florida Herbal Conference will be hosted February 22-24, 2019 at the beautiful Retreats by the Lake at Camp La Llanada on Tiger Lake in Lake Wales, Florida. Retreats by the Lake is a recently renovated camp nestled in an old growth forest, whose staff are delighted to welcome our conference family this year.  Retreats by the Lake offers summer programs for youth; visit their website to learn about their camp facility and additional events –

Retreats by the Lake is set on 60 secluded acres of beautiful oak and pine forest and lies on the shores of Tiger Lake.

2819 Tiger Lake Rd, Lake Wales, FL 33898

Not for profit School → →

The Florida Herbal Conference is produced by the Florida School of Holistic Living, a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization based in Orlando, Florida, that has provided herbal education in Florida since 1999.  FSHL empowers and cultivates community through philosophy-in-practice education, including a comprehensive herbalism curriculum and a complementary array of courses and workshops in many areas of natural health and sustainable living.  In addition to our public classes, many programs offer professional continuing education hours.  Community programs that include bimonthly Moon Circles in our teaching garden provide the Central Florida community a space to connect with each other, build vibrant health, and deepen relationship with the earth.  Visit to learn more about classes at the main Orlando campus, branch programs throughout Florida, or distance learning opportunities.  Donations to the school are tax-deductible, and support programs like this conference, our teaching garden, our educational programs in correctional facilities, our scholarship fund, and our sliding scale clinic.  The school launched the Florida Herbal Conference in 2012 to cultivate herbal community within our region.

Shakti is excited about Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Jody E. Noé, MS, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician with over 23 years experience and has been a practicing herbalist for over 30.  She obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and was awarded her Masters of Science in Botany from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. She is the author of the Textbook of Naturopathic Integrative Oncology, (CCNM Press, 2012); The Essentials for the Herbalist Series, Volume I, The Endocrine System for Herbalists 2nd Edition and has been published in several scholarly publications. Dr. Noé currently serves as adjunct faculty to the University of Bridgeport College Of Naturopathic Medicine in Connecticut and is the founder of the Integrative Oncology Clinic at UBCNM.  Prior to this, she served as a senior staff physician at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a founding board member of the Naturopathic Oncology Association, The Botanical Medicine Academy, and a founding member of the Society of Integrative Oncology. She is president emeritus for both the Vermont and Oklahoma Associations of Naturopathic Physicians.  Dr. Noé also trained in traditional Cherokee Medicine and has worked as a traditional healer as well as Diabetic Coordinator and Naturopathic Physician for the Mashantucket Pequot tribe on their reservation within the Federal SDPI program. Her current practice, Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine in Connecticut, has a predominance of patients with cancer using integrative strategies to treat and heal from cancer; naturopathic, herbal and Cannabis being the strategic targeted therapies to achieve this affect.

Jody’s classes at Florida Herbal Conference:

The Endocrine Response to an Impending Nuclear War

The Endocrine system is the total response system of our interactions with the outer and inner worlds or our Beings. This intensive will discuss in depth the function, dysfunctions, diseases and treatments of this intricate system using herbal medicine strategies. The Endocrine Triad: Pituitary, Thyroid and Adrenals will be discussed in the intricate feedback loops of regulation, and a particular focus will be given to Adrenal Health.

CBD: What is it? Cannabanoid oil is quickly gaining popularity and acclaim. We will cover its many uses and applications, the difference between commercial hemp and cannabis, a comparison of brands, dosing schedules, and also spend some time with questions and answers. Join us for an overview of CBD and walk away feeling confident and comfortable using and or recommending CBD.

POST CONFERENCE INTENSIVE: Clinical Applications for Medical Marijuana – Sunday 3 – 6 pm

This class is designed for all levels although we will be focusing on cannabis for clinical interventions including PTSD, anxiety and depression, chronic disease and cancer therapies. The class will discuss species specificity and delivery methods as part of the cannabis prescription. Students will explore the biochemistry of cannabanoids and the human endocannabanoid system, discussing the different species of the genus cannabis, as well as the specific indications for how this plant medicine can be applied to different health strategies. Q&A to follow in the class discussion at the end of the lecture.

And Keynote Speaker:

Angelique ‘Sobande’ Greer is a Mystic, Manifestor, Dream Weaver, Desert Storm Army Veteran & Healer are just some of the things that describe Angelique “Sobande” Greer. She embraces the name given to her by her spiritual Godparents (meaning the seer came with me) and believes that somewhere as a child, she was called back to the healing ways of her great grandmother. Sobande is a Afro Herbalist, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Consultant, Educator & Author with over 25 years of experience in the field. Currently, NCB is the only distance/live African American School of Herbalism & Natural Health in the south that teaches the art of healing the old fashion way www.naturalchoicesbotanica.comSobande reigns along side her King who guards the door while she makes the magic, three daughters & two grandluvs just outside Nashville Tennessee.  Her private practice that centers on education, retreats and consulting. She is also the visionary founder of Sacred Waters Retreats LLC.  for Women of Color & the United States First 2yr Afro Botany Certification Immersion Program & Conference held every year in Costa Rica.

Sobande’s classes at Florida Herbal Conference:

Quilts on My Back – Keynote Address

The Underground Railroad & the Soul Food Diet

Introduction to the Ozain African Herbalism System for Client Assessment (Intensive)

More details forthcoming

Mz Imani

The Music ↓ ↓

The ladies of Beautiful Chorus are joining us for the eighth year. Their vocal performances, Resonance Meditation, and gift of song create a truly powerful experience for our conference attendees.

Welcoming back Mz. imani because of the music’s inclusive sense of earth based spiritual practice that encourages all people to return to their heARTs wisdom, and to explore the ceremonial roles of the drum, music, dance and art. She inspires us to actively engage with the spiritual energies of the universe, through community music, collaborative art, collective prayer and the co-creation of positive myths. She is a collaborator and works with people of all walks of life to activate a Living Prophecy of renewal, respect and harmony, and takes care of a Sound Chamber in Swannanoa, NC.

Mz. imani is a people’s artist, who consciously blurs the line between performance, art and ceremony. She calls our attention through the power of the drum, our collective imag-i-nation and the dance of the sacred elements. She invites and inspires the songs of our heARTs to come forward, while circumambulating the sacred fire. Here we open to contemplation and celebration of that which matters to us. That which may help the heART of Humanity to Heal.

The Location ↓ ↓

We are thrilled to partner with Camp La Llanada to host our event for the fourth year in a row.  The family and friends of Camp La Llanada have been hosting groups like ours for over 20 years. Their programs and events are managed by an experienced and professional group of directors, coordinators and facilitators, all of whom are profoundly engaged with their philosophy:
“We work hard to stimulate personal growth in people of all ages and backgrounds by celebrating magical moments within a framework of enjoyment, learning and adventure. All this by experiencing nature, multiculturalism and self-improvement with passion, as the basis for a harmonious lifestyle.”
It has been an honor to bring our group to this beautiful piece of earth for the last few years and we are grateful for the hard work, dedication, and care we are shown by the staff and directors of Camp La Llanada. To learn more about their summer camps, please visit

We predict tickets will sell out this year, again.

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