Thomas Budde PhD, founder of The GIVE Shirt gives students a deep dive in his ‘Law of Attraction’ workshop photo credit: Catlyn Seavers

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Review by: Brooke Berger and Shareshten Senior

Christine Malia and Valerie D’Ambrosio teamed up to bring a powerful feminine immersion for the Thursday kick off where students got to dive deep into the teachings and their bodies for a longer amount of time.

What an AUMazing weekend at Steamboat Springs Movement Fest 2017 – a full four days of community, wellness, yoga, music, panels and learning! The gathering felt connected, consciously transformational, heart-opening, intimate and rewarding to attend. Being in the beautiful mountains, the event had a warm, friendly, nurturing and loving energy.

Thursday kicked off with yoga immersions in the morning and an intimate Gratitude Gathering at sunset that I will remember and cherish for my lifetime. Bibi McGill played the most fun DJ set as we danced until sunset and enjoyed the beautiful, picturesque mountain view at the Bella Vista. The owner of property, who introduced herself as Abby, stated at the gratitude ceremony that the mission for the Bella Vista Estate is to “Bring back Eden and Simplicity” I was refreshed to see her and her family so grounded and passionate about holding space for wellness retreats, gatherings, weddings and reunions.

Bright and early Friday morning we wound down the mountain to the Opening Ceremony in downtown Steamboat Springs at Gondola Square where excitement and love mingled in the warm, fresh air. Kris Rowse, who has a private practice in Steamboat Springs as a Life Coach, Astrologer and Vibrational Healer, began the ceremony by giving us an astrology download where she drew our consciousness to the stars to plant the seeds of manifestation. Since the sun was in Leo, a fire sign associated with the heart, and she encouraged us to use the fire energy to identify and ignite our passion. Kris followed the planetary energy forecast with corresponding gongs to enhance and channel our energy for the weekend. Libbie Mathes, who studied asana and pranayama in India for 4 years with Krishnamacharya, led a clearing, cleansing and chakra activating Pranayama Breath Work session and discussion. Her sweet demeanor was a great way to ease into our breath and center ourselves.

Talaya Thomas and Kristin Rockford are the founders of Steamboat Movement Fest, a nonprofit organization now in its 3rd year. Their intention is to create a healing space, connect the community through kindness and compassion, and allow us to discover our truth while reminding us of the power we hold to change this world from the inside out. Talaya was calm, cool and collected the whole weekend, but also full of passion for bringing this type of gathering to the community. I could tell that she really loves, lives and breathes this event, and it was so fun seeing her dancing and celebrating the experience as it has come to fruition. Kristin Rockford spoke beautifully in the Sustainability Panel; she is not only a yogi, but a soil scientist as well.


There were many different styles of teachers and a variety of class options including Slackline yoga, AcroYoga, paddleboard yogam, kids yoga, Yin yoga and even yoga in the hot springs. All ages and levels of experience were accommodated.

Valerie D’ambrosio and Christen Malia led an Own IT! Immersion with discussion that touched on the divine Goddess within, allowing us to celebrate ourselves and our sisters while honoring the Goddess teachers who have come before us. They flawlessly tapped into feminine energy and led an empowering, encouraging yoga class with lots of body alignment assistance and guidance for focusing the mind. Christen played beautiful Kirtan music on the harmonium as we drifted into Savasana. These two powerful and radiant women host yoga retreats, and their next one is in magical Nosara, Costa Rica at the Bodhi Tree Resort from March 10th-17th, 2018. The retreat will be a heart-opening week of yoga, movement, coaching, spiritual teaching, fabulous food, accommodations and more.

Bibi McGil blessed us with her presence for 2 days before heading over to Beloved Festival. She led 3 classes: Music and Movement, The Art of Falling, and the Opening Ceremony Community Class. Thanks to world travel, Bibis teaching style has become very eclectic and expansive. She challenged us, yet had a gentle way about it. “Show up for practice because you love it.” She was playful, compassionate, and encouraged us to treat ourselves with kindness. She is a power house of a woman, a lady who really walks her talk. Bibi really made an impact on us all for living her truth and holding such powerful classes.

CJ Ananda, co-founder of the Kula Collective and Present Moment Retreat, led a healing Cacao ceremony and Medicine Wheel Flow. For our vinyasa, CJ led us through the energies of the serpent, the jaguar, the hummingbird and the eagle. This transformational journey through the four directions of the Native American Medicine Wheel was a gift to experience. Randi Schiffman, founder of SuraFlow: The Art of Sacred Movement, sang beautiful medicine songs and gave loving posture adjustments during her class that emphasized breath and awareness for joyful living. Coby Hadas, whose deep interest in Shamanism has led him around the world, radiated as he sang alongside Randi and accompanied medicine songs with a variety of instruments.

Together they were a trio of inspiration, wisdom, music and movement. Coby and Ananda have founded Pura Vidya to help “make the ancient traditions of Yoga and Shamanism better understood and more accessible to the West, and to teach cleansing techniques in order to quiet the mind and deepen meditation.” These 3 yogis offer yoga trainings in Guatemala. More at:


We Dream Dawn (two members from popular Colorado folk group Elephant Revival) sang about living in harmony with nature, people and planet. They have a soft, sweet, and loving musical style was well-suited for the heart-centered opening ceremony.

Buddha Bomb played a lively Tribal Dance Fusion set after Sharesten Senior’s Yummy Yin class. His fun upbeat vibes really get the body livened up and ready to dance, shed the old, and tune into our true states of being.

Christen Malia played the harmonium beautifully in her and Valerie’s immersion, coming fully from the heart. Her glow was contagious. Bibi McGill DJ sets were out-of-this-world fun, exciting and kept us up laughing, dancing and feeling super alive.

Bethy Love Light brought the Kid-Conscious Hip-Hop that had children laughing, questioning, and interacting with one another. She has a way of illuminating the crowd with her lyrical rhymes. Her innocent and playful nature, made obvious with fairy face-paint and a rainbow outfit, had the kids’ attention captured and heads bobbing, and her heartfelt, genuine and conscious lyrics were informative for parents and brought awareness to health and environmental issues. You can catch her performing at the upcoming Unify Festival, or online at:

The Yoga Slackers get up at the beautiful Buena Vista retreat center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Photo credit: Catlyn Seavers


Eeshira Hart was irresistible with her tuning forks. When she asked me to lay on a table, I did not hesitate. Guiding her sessions with the voice of an angel, Eeshira passes varying tuning forks up and down the body and sessions last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Her compassion shines through her work, allowing clients to feel at ease as the forks reset the body and restore peace, tranquility, and a deeper connection to the body. Benefits include deeper sleep, groundedness, more energy and less stress.

Eeshira holds many classes and trainings on how to use the tuning forks, unraveling the mystery of how sound from the tuning forks create lasting effects. Her next training is from September 30th – October 1st in Sacramento, California., or call 720-693-6462.

Improbable Reality brought some unique things to the table including Custom Malas, Crystal Card Readings, Orgonites and jewelry, including handwritten descriptions of all gemstones incorporated in the pieces. IG & Etsy: @improbablereality

The Anti-Soap is an innovative facial serum specifically designed to clear and cleanse pores while deeply repairing the skin from the inside out. Creator Rachel Kay was inspired to formulate her own skin care product after nothing worked for her issues with facial acne. In a short time, her skin condition was healed and she now proudly offers her product and free facial treatments at MoveFest.

Los Vestidos de NISE had the most fabulous hand-dyed fabric dresses and hand woven shoes straight from Mexico. These soft, airy and light garments came in beautiful colors and patterns, both tie-dye and monochromatic. Shoes are hand woven and super comfy, part of the dream wardrobe. Los Vestidos gladly ships to the USA. or call 303-579-9779.

Straight Hemp brought their delicious and healing CBDs to the gathering. They were very passionate about their line, and personable with interested attendees.They provide full spectrum hemp oils rich in CBD at an accessible price.

This whole gathering was a powerful opportunity for healing, integrating, and creating memories to last a lifetime! Steamboat Movement Fest is a great gathering to go with groups, family and even kids. If you are traveling solo, you are sure to enjoy yourself and meet like minded individuals. Connect with nature, go inwards, learn something new and be a part of a creative community.

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