A Letter to the Women of the World

To the women of the world, to the ladies of all shapes and sizes and colors and curves, to you, my sister…

From Shakti’s Resident Herbalist, Jeanine Endsley

I behold you and honor you, whether weeping or radiantly aglow.

I feel you, and all the trauma you have held for more lifetimes than just this one.
I wonder about you, and if you’ve discovered what moves you in the most powerful of ways.
I hold you so deeply in my heart, for I know that within you are all the answers you seek.
I pray for you, only wanting the best for you.

For you to feel whole in your body, that is my prayer—to be so inspired to the point of being unable to resist your greatest dream any longer, to finally birth your beauty into the world in an unstoppable, fearless way. 

You know the steps you must take. You are guided, led and protected through the power of your pure heart, beating in service to love.

I honor your mother as she gave birth to you, and I recognize the trauma she endured in the face of your becoming.

I honor the sister who held her, the mother who never made it to her daughter’s birth, still in a cloud of grief, and the daughter that emerged from the womb, the infinite cauldron of creation, to be born into bright lights and latex gloves—a world that is not pure, that treats women unjustly, that tells us we’re not pretty enough, good enough, smart enough, happy enough.

All of this mistreatment of women, profiting off of our insecurities… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

The age of keeping our voices quiet because we’re scared that we might upset someone, the age of thinking that we could be better if we just did more, if we just tried harder… FUCK THAT.

The Wild Woman within me is enraged, but the Wise Woman within me knows that it couldn’t have been any other way. Because here we are. With our scars and hurting hearts seeking another way. And I’m here to tell you that sister, the time is now.



Photo by Analog Noise @fabrigiacomelli

There is no other moment but this one to embrace who we truly are, to courageously begin the journey of discovering our magnetic, juicy power. I am writing this to remind you, lest you’ve forgotten in the face of a patriarchy of oppression that dominates our planet, that you are fucking powerful, and that your power is one hell of a threat to dominating systems of greed. Your power is unequivocally undeniable. 

Let’s rise together. Hand in hand, heart to heart, womb to womb, through this infinite tapestry of living creativity, through the breath of life that connects us through time and space. Feel the pulse of Mother Gaia, and the pulse of your own womb. Listen. She is speaking. 

And all you need to do is listen.

The lessons you have endured and the challenges you have overcome are your gifts to the world. The oceans need us. The trees and forests need us. The birds and bees and butterflies and creatures of Gaia need us. Our grandchildren need us. And we need each other. 

Can we leave comparison to rest at the foot of our altars? 
Can we bury our past in the fertile soils of Pachamama? 
Can we finally learn what it means to truly love ourselves?
Can we hold each other up?

We are connected and woven together across the planet through an energetic, magnetic grid, the very power of our living bodies amplifies the resonance of our hearts. We are held together by the ever present lineage of women, daughters, sisters and mothers who have come before us. We are tied together, stitched like an ever-weaving, living, breathing tapestry. 

We are the women we’ve been waiting for. We are the medicine. We are the keepers of the womb, the creatrixes of new life, and the priestesses ushering in a new way of showing up and doing the good work that needs to be done. Will you claim, as Layla Martin says, the Queen among Queens that you are?

I invite you to take a leap of faith with me. Place your hands on your womb and listen. Even for just a moment in time, hear the inner pulse of the magic mixture you hold of dreams and pleasures, triumphs and sorrows, births and deaths. Breathe it all in and let it all be.

Do you feel the pulse of your womb? 
Is she whispering sweetly to you?
Is she a screaming, wild Lioness? 
Is she happy to hear from you, to feel you recognizing her?

How do you know that you know? You feel her. Soft, sweet, magnificent container of life. Oh, Wombspace.

Art by Pamela Matthews

May she reveal her tender nature to you now. And may her power in your life be highly revered, fully unhindered. For once and for good, for the good of all.

Let’s leap off the edge of what’s become our normal. We know in our hearts it is not the way. Let’s jump into the ocean of forgiveness, the waters of healing, the safe space of the heart. 

No one but you and the Goddess herself can comprehend the totality of you. Drink in the wonder of you, marvel in your magnificence. Feel the resiliency of your body, the power of your intuition, and the beauty and strength of your spirit.

Let’s reclaim pleasure in our bodies, through breath, sound, movement and dance. Let’s claim, for once and for all, the beauty, wisdom, power and brilliance of our bodies. Our hearts. Our wombs. Our brains. Our breasts. Our yonis. Our resilient, magical temples with all of the special gifts we carry.

Go ahead: jump off the cliff of self-loathing and finally believe yourself to be enough. Land in your body, awakening to the majesty of who you truly are.

I know, sister, that we were born for this. It is so that we are here, and it is our time. To join together, as an entire global village of women, who see each other, who hold each other and who love each other so fucking much that nothing severs our bond, nothing adulterates our vision of the Queendom that we are, nothing holds us back any longer from letting that whisper come to a full grown ROAR, untamable.

Let us no longer be tamed. Let us women return to the wild wisdom we were born with, and the infinite potential we carry to harness, create and claim all that we yearn for in this lifetime.

If you’ve got a dream or a vision, see it through—do what you can with what you’ve got, where you are, and go deeper. Go within and listen. Listen to your body, and get out of that brilliant but always-analyzing mind. Simply experience what it is to simply experience. We don’t always need to understand. We just have to feel it through, move it through, and use our powers wisely.

Hold your vision in your heart and know that if you want it, you’ve got to embody it. Embody the energy of your dream, your purpose, your passion, and what lights you up. Embody the energy of LOVE, and watch what happens.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for" by Emily Kell

There is a calling right now, stronger than ever, to the women of this world. This call is specific, but infinite in its potential: do the work that needs to be done to heal the trauma that holds you back, and express your authentic being to humanity. Initiate yourself as a Queen and join the global body of women who are rising together around the world. 

Perhaps we are the ones that can soften the hearts of the Masculine. Perhaps we are the ones that can hold the fire of transmutation in our hands and offer it freely, without reserve, to those in need. Perhaps we really could change the world with our bright ideas. Perhaps our dreams really do matter. Perhaps you are feeling the truth of these words; perhaps many of us are.

Perhaps this is the day you’ve been waiting for, to claim that you will walk that path of beauty in utter devotion, dancing through the spiral of life, brewing up magic and blessing humanity simply by being you, a confident, wild, weird, nerdy, silly, playful, smart, empowered, whole, glorious, sovereign woman.

There is no one else like you, sister. You are uniquely you, a perfect incarnation. I am so deeply sorry for the ways in which you have been mistreated. I see the aches you hold and the longings of your heart. Trust in the unfolding. Trust in the synchronicities. Trust in the path of beauty and the power of love. We really have no greater choice than to move through this, to dance through this, to laugh through this, and to rise through this. 

We are living embodiments, holding the power of the Goddess in our wombs and bodies, and it’s been far too long that our voices have been silenced, our hearts have been heavy and our dreams ignored, left to sit and get dusty on the shelf. It’s been too long, sister.

“The woman who does not fear validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” -Mohadesa Najumi

You, sister: you deserve to feel worthy; you deserve to love yourself; you deserve to rise above the trauma and lies that have held you captive, alone in the dark. You are so worthy of everything magnificent that lights your heart on fire! You are so deserving of confidence as your natural state of being.

You are so powerful that you are creating your own reality. Tap into that, your feminine creative powers, and create something with all the pain you hold. Release what is outdated and give the dream bursting forth from within an opportunity to blossom. It is time. 

Remember, you were born for this. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s dream of a brighter future, together, and let’s make the most of these beautiful lives and bodies we’ve been given.

With so much love,


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