May 18, 2020 - May 23 2020
All Day


Entering the Silence with Psychological Inquiry
Led by Sarah and Ty Powers

Bringing clear, kind attention to our inner and inter-personal life.

Sarah and Ty are emphasizing the power of psychological work on this and all retreats going forward. In this retreat we will practice Yin/Yang yoga, pranayama, mind training, and methods for awakening the heart. The talks and meditations will focus on the Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness as well as inviting experiential insights with inquiry both in solitude and at times, with a partner.

The Sanskrit word for Mindfulness is Smritti, translated as non-forgetting. Mindfulness practice develops a quality of presence in which we remember to pay attention to the immediacy of experience while letting go of all motivations to manipulate the moment, developing the clear capacity to observe inner and outer experience without willful interference. While Mindfulness is a receptive attitude, generative heart based meditations develop a more generous spirit of love and compassion through envisioning what might be possible for us, were we to live from our deepest nature.

Dharma Offering:

We would also like to make you aware that we will be opening some spaces at a reduced cost. These spaces are intended for those with limited financial means. We will not be requiring an application for these spaces and will trust that you will choose this option if you need to.

**If you have previously registered for a Dharma space at one of our retreats, please allow others the opportunity.**

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