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By Norann Dillon, Exhibitor and Media Liaison, FreedomFest Las Vegas, NV –  When Mark Skousen started FreedomFest more than a decade ago, many people scoffed. Skeptics pointed to the old claim that connecting libertarians is like “herding cats.” But Skousen forged ahead with a mission to bring together everyone who had a stake in liberty.

Healing Hot Springs Around the U.S.

Editor’s Choice: Favorite Hot Springs for Healing Schedule some mineral soaks into your next road trip. Shakti Editor Rising McDowell shares her favorite hot springs across the continental U.S., with tips for planning your visit and camping. By Rising McDowell ‘I sensed a powerful medicinal quality about the water, and it wasn’t just me –

Shakti Astrology Report 2019

KEY COSMIC CYCLES of 2019Astrology By Verdarluz Overall, 2019 will wax and wane between moments of extreme intensity and flowing inspiration. The following is an overview of astrological activity throughout 2019 beginning with transits by sign that you can read for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Read about this year's major configurations, their peak dates,

Preview of the 8th annual Florida Herbal Conference

Join the Shakti team for education, herbs, community, and music!February 22-24, 2019 The eighth annual Florida Herbal Conference will be hosted February 22-24, 2019 at the beautiful Retreats by the Lake at Camp La Llanada on Tiger Lake in Lake Wales, Florida. Retreats by the Lake is a recently renovated camp nestled in an old growth

Herbal Allies to Strengthen Immunity

Herbal Allies to Strengthen ImmunityBy Jeanine EndsleyNOTE: Please consult your doctor or care specialist before using any of these herbs if you are pregnant, nursing, or you may become pregnant. It is also always recommended to be aware of any possible drug interactions before consuming these herbs, so please talk with your care provider before

A Friend for the Wintertime: The TAO Mat

A Friend for the Wintertime: The TAO Mat A review of HealthyLine's InfraMat Pro®: The Small 18x18 TAO Mat By Rising McDowell The first time I used my Heated TAO Mat I didn’t want to turn it off. It was a cold and rainy evening and I had been chilly for a while. I set

A Pillow for Pregnancy

The Tao Pillow – A Supportive Tool During Pregnancy The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthy Line's Heated Tao Pillow, by Jeanine Endsley photo by Marissa Yoko In today’s fast-paced society, even the brightest of beings can fall prey to the overstimulating effects of the world we live in. It seems and feels as

Shakti Book Review: Curious

The Hard Way Will Be Easier Later By Rising McDowell CURIOUS: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It Ian Leslie, Basic Books Publishing, $16.99 Have you ever read an interesting article hoping to learn something new, but looked back a week later feeling like you hadn’t absorbed the information? We often

The Music of Amani Friend

AMANIof Desert Dwellers and Liquid BloomInterviewed by Moriah Hope Ancient traditions world wide have utilized sound as a journey space to induce trance-like states. The Australian Aborigines speak of a heightened state of consciousness known as “Dream Time” in which the mind becomes so focused and clear that revelations, spontaneous healing, and infinite knowledge can

A Review of HealthyLine’s Rainbow Mat

Find the Rainbow at the End of Every Storm... The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthyline's Rainbow Gemstone Mat, By Shareshten Senior I never imagined I would lose my father when I was 35. He was only 25 when I was born, and I was sure I would be at least 50 by the

3rd Annual Stop Geoengineering Summit Tucson The youth were the loudest voices at the peaceful protest outside ADEQ Gas Masks were sported and gifted Journalists and activists have been threatened not to touch it, CIA members have whistle-blown it1, the government continues to deny it and promote it2, and now Hollywood has made a movie about it! Yep, you guessed

Spring Writing Contest: Second Place

SLAVERY VS. SOVEREIGNTY Writing Prompt: The juxtaposition of sovereignty and slavery is present all around us today. Understanding the relationship between them in a greater context can be quite complex. For example, many believe that our political system is outdated and will never be fit to meet our needs. We’ve all heard people say they