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Relatively Speaking Part 4: The Language of Gender

‘Non-binary.’ ‘Non-conforming.’ Why do we consider gender-fluid people as defying convention rather than a given? It’s time to relearn the language of gender.

Spring Herbal Medicine Guide

Invitation to Bloom: Your In-Depth Guide to 7 Ultimate Herbal Medicines for the times

Relatively Speaking Part 3: Tongue and Terrain

The role of language in how we perceive and treat the natural world is bigger than we know.

2020 Astrological Forecast

2020 Astrology and Numerology Forecast:
Resilience and Resource-Mastery

Relatively Speaking Part 2: Indigenous Languages

Explore the amazing diversity of human language and what its stories have to teach us.

Relatively Speaking Part 1: Linguistic Reciprocity

This new and intriguing series explores the dynamic landscape of human language and its beautiful, complex role in our lives.

Cool & Calm in the Midst of a Fiery Summer

Learn the many uses of four soothing herbs for summer, plus easy recipes to try at home.


By Norann Dillon, Exhibitor and Media Liaison, FreedomFest Las Vegas, NV –  When Mark Skousen started FreedomFest more than a decade ago, many people scoffed. Skeptics pointed to the old claim that connecting libertarians is like “herding cats.” But Skousen forged ahead with a mission to bring together everyone who had a stake in liberty.

Healing Hot Springs Around the U.S.

Editor’s Choice: Favorite Hot Springs for Healing Schedule some mineral soaks into your next road trip. Shakti Editor Rising McDowell shares her favorite hot springs across the continental U.S., with tips for planning your visit and camping. By Rising McDowell ‘I sensed a powerful medicinal quality about the water, and it wasn’t just me –

Shakti Astrology Report 2019

KEY COSMIC CYCLES of 2019Astrology By Verdarluz Overall, 2019 will wax and wane between moments of extreme intensity and flowing inspiration. The following is an overview of astrological activity throughout 2019 beginning with transits by sign that you can read for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Read about this year's major configurations, their peak dates,