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2020 Astrological Forecast

2020 Astrology and Numerology Forecast:
Resilience and Resource-Mastery

Shakti Astrology Report 2019

KEY COSMIC CYCLES of 2019Astrology By Verdarluz Overall, 2019 will wax and wane between moments of extreme intensity and flowing inspiration. The following is an overview of astrological activity throughout 2019 beginning with transits by sign that you can read for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Read about this year's major configurations, their peak dates,

2018 Astrology

***DON’T MISS LIVE INTERVIEW WITH VERDARLUZ LIVE INTERVIEW*** Scroll to the bottom to sign up for VerDarLuz’s upcoming online seminar Together as One: Awakening in 2018 by: VerDarLuz NUMEROLOGY: It takes Two to Tango A completely new 9-year cycle emerged in 2017, under a Universal Year 1. What we began in 2017 may be experienced as

Spring 2017 Astrology

Re-considering Destiny By: VerDarLuz Mark Your Calendars SPRING 2017 NEW & FULL MOONS March: New Moon: March 28th, 2:59 am GMT. 7 degrees Aries. April: Full Moon: April 11th, 6.09 am GMT. 21 degrees Libra. New Moon / Supermoon: April 26th, 12:17 pm GMT. 6 degrees Taurus. May: Full Moon: May 10th, 9:44 pm GMT.

Your Cosmic Choreography in 2017

VerDarLuz is a holistic Life and Business Coach, using the sacred languages of astrology


Guru and agent of collective expansion and inspired growth, Jupiter, will make it to the exact halfway point…

Cosmic Summer Cycles, VerdarLuz

Three major configurations highlight Summer 2016’s skies. These include three transformative eclipses at Summer’s end, as well as Mars turning direct in Scorpio, joining asteroid of commitment and sacred partnership, Juno, in Scorpio all summer.

Spring Cycles of Renewal, VerdarLuz – Spring 2016

Spring Cycles of Renewal:Into the Cradle of the AlchemistBy: Verdarluz Numerology 9 & The Fire Monkey In this essay, we will look at the major cosmic cycles rebirthing us all this Spring, including Mars and Mercury Retrograde, as well as explore the larger themes symbolized by the Numerology of 2016, the number 9, and the

Your Cosmic Choreography, VerdarLuz – Winter 2016

Your Cosmic ChoreographyBy: Verdarluz MERRY-GO-ROUND OR ROLLER COASTER? Will you ride the smooth or wild spiral in 2016’s year of change? In this essay, we will explore the major astrological trends of 2016, with a focus on mapping the year for your Sun and Rising Signs. Two of the cosmic cycles which all of us

Tantric Astrology, Jaya – Fall 2015

Tantric AstrologyBy: Verdarluz The weeks leading into, during, and after a Solar and Lunar Eclipse can be the most powerful and transformational of the year. September 13, a Partial Solar Eclipse occurs at 20 degrees of Virgo. The Solar Eclipse is like a Super New Moon—an important time to give intention and energy to new projects,