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Spring Herbal Medicine Guide

Your In-Depth Guide to 7 Ultimate Herbal Medicines for the times

Cool & Calm in the Midst of a Fiery Summer

Learn the many uses of four soothing herbs for summer, plus easy recipes to try at home.

Shakti Book Review: Quantum Leap

Outkina instructs readers to enter a mindless state in order to attain a more optimal life experience.

2019 Florida Herbal Conference Review

Registration is now OPEN for the 2020 Florida Herbal Conference! Find more information and register here!Plus use our DISCOUNT CODE: SHAKTIJOURNAL for an exclusive discount for Shakti readers! The Shakti Journal team reflects on the 8th annual Florida Herbal ConferenceOn Location at Camp La Llanada in Lake Wales, FloridaBy Jeanine Endsley & Shareshten Senior The

Herbal Allies to Strengthen Immunity

Herbal Allies to Strengthen ImmunityBy Jeanine EndsleyNOTE: Please consult your doctor or care specialist before using any of these herbs if you are pregnant, nursing, or you may become pregnant. It is also always recommended to be aware of any possible drug interactions before consuming these herbs, so please talk with your care provider before

What is Your Reason for the Season?

What is Your Reason for the Season?By Jeanine Katherine Endsley“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” -Aldous Huxley I’ve got a holy dose of anger and it isn’t going to stay neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree. This sacred gift of truth is now being revealed and I’m delighted to watch your

A Pillow for Pregnancy

The Tao Pillow – A Supportive Tool During Pregnancy The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthy Line's Heated Tao Pillow, by Jeanine Endsley photo by Marissa Yoko In today’s fast-paced society, even the brightest of beings can fall prey to the overstimulating effects of the world we live in. It seems and feels as