The Tao Pillow – A Supportive Tool During Pregnancy

The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthy Line's Heated Tao Pillow, by Jeanine Endsley

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In today’s fast-paced society, even the brightest of beings can fall prey to the overstimulating effects of the world we live in. It seems and feels as though the commotion is never-ending, that our nervous systems have been running on overdrive for far too long. How can we return to gentle peace and calm when we live in the center of the city? What can come even remotely close to sitting in nature and just being, completely unhindered and untouched?

Although it’s not exactly the Earth below me or the sun kissing my face, my Healthy Line Pillow has been a sweet and supportive getaway for me on my pregnancy journey. Transitioning back into urban life after living in the jungle has got me looking for different ways to unplug and reconnect to my body. I must say that no matter how many deep breaths I take and how often I put my phone in airplane mode, I still find myself feeling prone to the depleting effects of exhaustion, mental stress and anxiety. My Heated Tao Pillow offers a simple healing that reaches to the core of my body.

Having the restorative daily ritual of using my pillow has been such a gift during my pregnancy. When my neck aches or my mind races, I turn on my Tao pillow. The space of warmth, stillness and rest that I go to when I use my pillow serves as a quick reset and a beautiful reminder of what I need and what truly nourishes my entire being. Not only does this pillow imply rest and relaxation, it also holds gemstones with their own unique healing qualities. I’m quite the crystal lover and it delights me to know that not only are my brain and neck receiving the benefits of these crystals, but that the benefits are amplified through the mat’s infrared warming capabilities.

The pillow generates negative ions, which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and result in decreased drowsiness and mental fog. The far-infrared rays offer a similar sensation to the radiant warmth of sunlight. My Tao pillow allows my body to recalibrate and relax almost as if I am laying outside on the Earth, nestled under a tree upon the softest green grass. That is a definite gift for any mama-to-be. Rejuvenation and inspiration seem to flutter easily to me in these simple moments of self care.

I really like that the pillow works great for under the neck and head, while it also doubles as a perfectly supportive pillow for my back when I am sitting upright. I have probably used it for my back just as much as my head, as it’s a great heat therapy method for the aches and pains of pregnancy. Either way that I use it, it has a special role in bringing me back to my center.

I will say that there is one aspect of the pillow that I’m not crazy about. The Heated Tao Pillow is not your typical pillow in terms of comfort. It is full of gemstones, therefore it’s not as soft and squishy as the average pillow. Healthy Line encourages users to always cover the mats and pillows before use. I do cover my pillow, however, a thicker blanket would make it more comfortable for extended periods of use. With an extra thick blanket barrier, I question to what extent I’d be receiving the benefits of the heat. But some experimentation here may provide insight.

Tao Pillow Function Specs:

Calming Negative Ion Therapy
Up to 700/cc;
Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Ray Therapy,
At least 5-14 um;
Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy

FIR (Far Infrared Rays)

Imitating the sun and warming the body, these rays relieve muscle and joint pain while increasing the delivery of oxygen to parts of the body where it is needed.

Negative Ions

Negative and positively charged ions are everywhere. In a nutshell, our body is designed to operate on a negative charge, and there is literal meaning behind the phrase ‘getting grounded.’ When our bare skin is in contact with the ground, earth’s electrons, which are constantly regenerated by the global electrical circuit, are free to flow from the surface of the earth into the body. The benefits of being electrically grounded can be felt immediately, and include reduced pain and muscle soreness, deeper and more regulated sleep, improved blood flow, and a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system resulting in mental, emotional and physical feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Use During Pregnancy

There is a disclaimer for pregnancy in the safety precautions: the Healthy Line user guide says that pregnant women or nursing should not be exposed to the increased levels of heat from the pillow. Intense full-body exposure to heat could be a lot for a pregnant woman’s body. But this pillow is quite small and doesn’t put out nearly as much heat as Healthy Line’s large full-sized mats.

For me, the heat feels extremely therapeutic on my body, and dramatically reduced the tension I was experiencing in my lower back when I used it as a back pillow. Please note that pregnant women are not advised to lay on their backs for extended periods of time. With all things, it is best to check with your midwife or doctor for their advice on the safety of using this product during pregnancy.

With that said, I highly recommend the Heated Tao Pillow. It’s a small pillow with a specific target area. Although you should always consult your doctor first, most experts agree that it is safe for pregnant women to use heating pads for aches and pains, especially when used at a lower setting and for a shorter period of time. It has been an incredibly supportive aid during my pregnancy, taking me on daily journeys of stillness and nourishment. If you’re needing a break from these wild times, I definitely suggest you find one of these gems; I’m so thankful I found mine.

There is a disclaimer for pregnancy in the safety precautions: the Healthy Line user guide says that pregnant women or nursing should not be exposed to the increased levels of heat from the pillow.


Provides far infrared and negative ions while you relax, sleep or meditate
Enhances the comfort and quality of your sleep
Heat relaxes tension in your neck and shoulders
Set exact temperature with ease according to preference


Pillow is very firm because of gemstones
A blanket may be used to pad the pillow,
but blanket may block some heat
No photon light therapy

Trying It:

HealthyLine offers a 45-day free trial on their products, and if you aren’t satisfied after a purchase, let them know and you can get the full price of the product back. All of their mats and pillows come under a 1-year warranty, and there is a guaranteed lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy!

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