2020 Astro-Numerology Forecast:
Resilience and Resource-Mastery

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“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”

– Seneca

NUMEROLOGY – 4 – Mastering the Cross of Matter

Last year’s 3 expanded us with new opportunities, abundant travels, new and inspiring teachings, and probably a little too much indulgence. However, the number 4 invites us into a more serious and sober commitment to our long-term goals, to achieving our ambitions with disciplined focus and towards increased responsibility in all spheres of life.

Wherever distraction dominates your life, the 4 Universal Year asks you to release it, to let go of the inessential and to be willing to sweat it out, plan your work, and work your plan. You are building a legacy this year, in business, profession, relationships, and values, so the question is: What are you truly committed to and what really counts? As you’ll see with the Capricorn and Saturn themes below, organization is a must to be aligned with realistic goals and a pragmatic strategy. 

ECLIPSES: Windows of Rebirth

Eclipses are the power portals of the year.  They mark the transition phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution into the next. Often cycles of relationship, career, home, and life focus come to a close, as others receive a fresh blessing and blossoming. Eclipses affect an individual more if they impact a specific planet in your chart. However, eclipses play out on the global scale consistently, affecting nations and world events.


ECLIPSES: Windows of Rebirth

Eclipses are the power portals of the year.  They mark the transition phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution into the next. Often cycles of relationship, career, home, and life focus come to a close, as others receive a fresh blessing and blossoming. Eclipses affect an individual more if they impact a specific planet in your chart. However, eclipses play out on the global scale consistently, affecting nations and world events.

Solar Eclipse     Dec 26  4 Capricorn

Lunar Eclipse    Jan 10  20 Cancer 

Lunar Eclipse    Jun 5   15 Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse     Jun 21   0 Cancer 

Lunar Eclipse    July 5    13 Capricorn 

Lunar Eclipse    Nov 30   8 Gemini

Solar Eclipse     Dec 14  23 Sagittarius

*The North and South Node (Rahu and Ketu in India) are called the “dragon’s head” and the “dragon’s tail.” The North Node represents our collective evolutionary necessity and while the South Node demonstrates an area of karmic cleansing, a need to regenerate and release outworn patterns, and eventual spiritual renewal.

The South Node remains in Capricorn and North Node in Cancer until the first week of June.

One major question from these archetypes is: Are you working too hard without enough return on your investment of time and energy, while sacrificing the inner work? Similarly what personal and professional work do you need to say NO to so that other YES’s can open up?

Additionally, how do you balance the needs and demands of family (Cancer) with growing a business or succeeding professionally (Capricorn?) And are you trying to do too much on your own, self-burden (Capricorn), concluding in not enough self-care or attention to beloveds (Cancer)? For Capricorn to truly ripen, we must also determine if we are respected authorities in our fields and if not, how do we become one?

When the South Node changes to Sagittarius, we explore what really brings meaning to our lives while questioning beliefs and ethics. We should watch dogma, fundamentalism and heavy opinions, overconfidence, and too much aimless, nomadic wandering. We need to carry the Sagittarian gifts for intuition and adventure to guide us into the quest for Truth and meaning.

Yet the North Node in Gemini will invite each of us to approach life with a “Beginner’s Mind” like curiosity and a willingness to question everything. It’s an important year to take and teach classes, courses, workshops, and retreats that align with your larger spiritual purpose and higher principles. Perhaps with these Nodal placements, education systems worldwide will be completely revolutionized and there will at last be an end to Student Loans.

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A Year of RETROGRADES – Reconsideration, Reflection, Renewal


As always, when the planet of mischief and messaging goes Retrograde, back up all important documents, repair cars and technology, and increase your patience in communications both before and during Mercury Retrograde. Avoid signing major contracts and plan for travel delays.

Feb 16 to Mar 9, 2020  water sign Pisces 12, to air sign Aquarius 28

Jun 18 – July 12  water sign Cancer 14, to Cancer 5

Oct 13 – Nov 3  water sign Scorpio 11 to air sign Libra 25 

Mercury’s Water and Air elemental placements during this year of Retrogrades reveal themes of deep empathy to web of life, an attunment to feelings and psychic impressions, and a high degrees of emotional sensitivity. In addition, spiritual depth and the powers of the imagination will channel through to be communicated, shared, networked, distributed 


Oct 5 – 10 Scorpio –  Stations Retrograde

Nov 16 – 25 Libra – Stations Direct

Previous Cycle – Oct 5-Nov 16 2018 – Scorpio/Libra

Venus Retrograde is a quest into clarifying your core values, especially in relationship, finances, and your artistic path. These same areas will require special attention late Spring and Early Summer, as we ask why we invest money, creative energy, and intimate affections in the areas we do.

Under Venus Retrograde, relationships force us to look in the mirror and ask: What are my true values? What do I need to adjust in terms of my artistic output? Am I spending money on things I truly care about, and what’s important to me?

We reorient to our relationships and determine why we share our time and energy with this person or group of friends? Also, Venus Retrograde iss typically NOT the best time to enter or leave partnerships or friendships because issues are being clarified.


In Gemini, Venus Retrograde may consider opening their relationship up, daring multiple people at once, since each person is a teacher in a different way. We are naturally more curious and want to meet partners and friends and colleagues on a more mental plane with aligned ideas, concepts, and information.

Gossip, scatteredness, distraction, too many connections can be this retrograde’s shadow element. And with three squares to Neptune possible confusion in relations and information can arise. Question the heart’s intention behind the words. 

Also, determine how your communication and networking is affecting your earnings and if you should try new art forms or synthesizing different styles of what you create together.

Last Time Venus Retrograde was in Gemini was 2004 and 2012  


Sept 9 – 28 Aries –  Stations Retrograde

Nov 13 – 15 Aries – Stations Direct

Last cycle – Jun 26 – Aug 27, 2018 – 9 Aquarius to 28 Capricorn

Once again, the planet of action, desire, and our personal will, Mars is venturing retrograde in 2020, this year in his home sign of Aries. Mars’ last retrograde occurred most of Summer 2018, so reflect on that time period for some clues as to how this cycle will manifest. 

Mars Retrograde asks: what is really motivating me at this time with a deep reflection before acting. Like Mercury Retrograde, it’s important to restrain from launching major projects and ventures, which can create frustration in moving forward, but a necessary pause before certainty on the best course of action and wise use of energy.


In Aries, Mars Retrograde asks what adventures and risks we need to take to be more authentically ourselves? Do I feel free to be autonomous and independent or am I too enmeshed with others? Determine what house is Aries in your Chart. What’s really motivating, driving, and fueling me in this area, especially over the next 2 years?

Shadow-Boxing with Jupiter / Saturn / Pluto in Capricorn


  • 12/18/2007 – 01/01/2009 
  • 01/03/1996 – 01/21/1997
  • 01/19/1984 – 02/06/1984

With the planet of growth in a sign of constriction, we experience the paradoxical “Less is More” of Jupiter’s year-long journey in Capricorn. We embark on a more grounded, practical, and focused approach than 2019’s nomad spiritual quest, and “gimme too much of everything” of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Because of this steady tortoise-wins-the-race pace, we have to approach delays in accomplishments as maturing opportunities. Be realistic, but far-reaching, for whatever has solid foundation will grow and expand this year as 2020 is when we build our legacy. Growth is measured, steady, and serious, coming through committed, undistracted, focus and an accountant’s eye for wise resource management, including TIME.

How do you waste Time, give it away irresponsibly?  Are you fighting against your own natural rhythms of success? We may also realize that it’s best to follow the rules this year – Ethic and moral perspectives could more easily govern societal law and the direction of the populace.

Reflect on the Past – serious evaluations and reflection on past mistakes and victories will help determine which paths include higher probabilities for success moving forward.  We may also witness a bigger trend in other Capricorn topics—the power of sobriety, detoxing, and indigenous and Traditional wisdom.

The major Shadow of Jupiter in Capricorn is workaholism, too many 3D boxes to run like rats in, which can cause impatience and at times an ultra-conservative approach. Literally climb, ski, bike, and hike MOUNTAINS, a major Capricorn symbol this year.

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Saturn and Pluto Join Forces in Capricorn

Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Spring of 2019 and meet again exactly in January of 2020 at 22 degrees of Capricorn, but are amplified in their intensity and expanded in their potency by Jupiter joining forces. Historically, Saturn and Pluto configurations are the most dramatic and overwhelming of combinations, with a repeating onslaught of heavy, karmic moments in the collective. These include themes of isolationism and nationalism, the building of walls like we see with the Trump presidency. 

9/11,, the founding of the CIA, the term Cold War, the outbreak of WW1, the Alien incident at Roswell—all of these occurred under the Saturn-Pluto influence. And in the arts, we question our own humanity, and even sense its impending transformation in the confrontation with both Alien and Artificial intelligence, with books like Orwell’s 1984, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and movies like Minority Report, Terminator, A.I., and Lord of the Rings.

Personally, Saturn-Pluto is a puzzle that NEEDS to be solved and 2020’s conjunction, more or less exact for the entire year, will place a magnifying glass on what you’ve been working on for 2 years. Where is Capricorn in your chart? What house? Are there planets between 18-26 degrees of cardinal signs Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra? All these areas will be most affected by this need for upheaval and mastering your shadow which will lead to deep and enduring transformation.

So what needs to be restructured now and how will you concretize the influence of this massive shift in your life?  As Marcus Aurelius – Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor stated, “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Saturn-Pluto can be best summarized with one of the progressive metal band Tool’s most important songs – “46 and 2”

I’ve been crawling on my belly
Clearing out what could’ve been.
I’ve been wallowing in my own chaotic
And insecure delusions.
I wanna feel the change consume me,
Feel the outside turning in.
I wanna feel the metamorphosis and
Cleansing I’ve endured within
See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
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Summer heats up big time with Mars Retrograde in your sign – you are even more energized than normal, but you must stop to really consider action first, because reactivity and impulsive behavior will be your downfall, however allow yourself to calculate your bold leadership, healthy risk taking, and future visioning, with abundant opportunities all around you.

Note that all the Capricorn planets are in your 10th house of career, pushing you aggressively towards deeper impact on the planet, more focus in your career, a need for integrity, responsibility, and disciplined, hard work, which can be rewarded with the more clear your ambitions are.


Like the tortoise, you know that steady, and committed wins the race and the Capricorn Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto trine supports your expansion, depth of influence, and professional accomplishment.

This is an empowering year for resources to grow, but don’t spend all the abundance you potentially can make, especially in May and June during the Venus Retrograde in your 2nd house.

Uranus is also asking you to reinvent, innovate, experiment, stand out, so do it your way Taurus, and you will be magnetic.


Venus Retrograde in your home sign is setting you up for starting to recive the transformational energies of the eclipses – Relationships will shift, necessarily, they are mirrors to you this year.

Your relationship to your many Gemini selves is under scrutiny this year, from others, so pay attention to the many opportunities – how you appear will impact others, so tune in to your dress, your manner of communication, your ability to shape-shift. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your language skills and take your teaching gifts abroad – whomever you meet this year will feel like soul-contracts laying down the bricks of your yellow brick road, on the land to an Oz you’ve been dreaming of….keep singing your song, and the road will continue to unfold under each step…..embrace the Fool but bring Wisdom everywhere you go, the wisdom of all the work you must continue to do this year with your Shadow, and your ability to team up, collaborate, and blend resources….Embrace the Fool and deliver your wisdom and you will be an honored guest.


Eclipses continue to impact your Sun or Rising sign, so the life of the shy crab is really getting shaken up, especially January and June/July. You are stepping out of old costumes, identities, relationships, homes, or career paths that previously shackled you. Take the chains off. Keep diving in to the depths of your soul, for there is so much power there. 

More teachers arrive also showing up in your life this year, and you will gain greater clarity on your mission and purpose by mid-summer, as Mars ignites your career area for the entire second half of the year. It’s not time to play small. All the life circumstances and earthquaking is setting you up for a leadership potential you did not know you possessed, but the world needs, the fierce mother is channeling through you for all to hear and be guided by. 


You will feel a strong pull to travel abroad this year, especially during the summer and fall, with Mars lighting up the 9th house – some experiences may work, others may exhaust you.  So why do you go where you go? And what’s motivating you to expand your mind and also broadcast your radiant sun-shiney heart out to the world?

Make your journey a spiritual quest, maybe its time YOU facilitate a retreat abroad, and bring all of your creative energies to the fore as a teacher


Your dedication and devotion will pay off this year with the Capricorn stellium in trine, supporting all the quiet work you often do behind the scenes – you will GET RECOGNITION this year, just don’t add to the tendency to enslave yourself, or take on one more thing just cuz you know you can handle it. Become more efficient, work smarter, not harder


Mars challenges you for 6 months this year with opposition and tension in all relationships – You must learn to argue this year, towards what you really desire, and let go of the facades of the peacemaker at all costs. the more passive you are, the more aggressive you must be….so you may need to break away from anything boring or whatever feels stifled, and surround yourself with adventurous people. Add more spice to your life with travel or entrepreneurial energies around you.


This year it is vital to nurture your health, especially come July with Mars in your 6th house, pushing you. You need to watch overextension, and focus on daily aerobic activity, hiking, working out, swimming, dancing, or you may find yourself a volcano exploding with too much energy, and possibly projecting this onto partners, with the shocking surprising energies of Uranus in your 7th house of relationship for many years to come. Detach from expectations of endurance in partnership an instead enjoy the wild ride, the epiphanies, the breaking out of any of your fixed boxes – its a paradigm shift in love and there’s all kinds of exciting opportunities and individuals hanging around you now.


With all of last year’s endless growth, are you needing to learn how to slow down a bit and consolidate all you’ve learned?

Venus retrograde is going to ask for adjustment in relationship for you – do you have too many partners? fear of commitment? have you been saying yes to that which is not truly fulfilling or spiritually uplifting? Maybe it’s time to find a travel buddy and 


2020 could be one of the most empowering, and yet difficult years of your life, with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node here. You may experience Dark Night of the Soul moments, which force a profound confrontation with any resistances in the soul. But Jupiter’s light of opportunity and spiritual growth will catalyze a whole new realm of possibility for you, as well as impact you can create in the lives of others. 

You MUST PLAY BIG in 2020, and let go of all which doesn’t serve building the structures of the new world we all need, and which you Capricorn can take the burden of building out.

Eclipses will also land in your area of partnership and your ascendant, your personality. Thus, your role as elder / leader is magnified and may require reorientation in relationship with only those who are also as committed to evolution, soul growth, and world change as you are now. Let your relationships remind you to attend to self-care and ask for the healing and emotional support you need to keep your faith strong.


Uranus may be shaking up your home space – is it time to move? Are you feeling restless? Can you take short trips that allow you that much needed Aquarian freedom? Perhaps there are retreats, workshops, trainings that allow you to access and discover your authentic self amidst your cosmic tribe. 

It’s important to do a lot of inner work in 2020, remove the skeletons from the closet, the cobwebs from the unconscious and open up a larger humanitarian vision prepping you for the massive Jupiter/Saturn great conjunction in your home sign coming 2021 – this year, get ready to lead the way, build the solid foundations that ground you. This year of 2020 is your trailer, 2021 is your main feature


  Last year’s continuous and constant expansion needs some practical grounding in 2020 for this fishy. Your community of like minded souls continues to grow and empower you this year, and with Neptune continuing to move through your sign this year, you are clarifying a larger vision for the awakening of humanity and your role as a channel for this inevitable cosmic revelation.

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