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The Music of Amani Friend

AMANIof Desert Dwellers and Liquid BloomInterviewed by Moriah Hope Ancient traditions world wide have utilized sound as a journey space to induce trance-like states. The Australian Aborigines speak of a heightened state of consciousness known as “Dream Time” in which the mind becomes so focused and clear that revelations, spontaneous healing, and infinite knowledge can

Modern Entrepreneur

Maggy HurchallaPublic Servicewoman & Water ProtectorInterviewed by Shareshten Senior Maggy Hurchalla is a real living American hero. Her quest to protect the environment started with her intention to save the Florida wetlands in the 70’s. She first took action with the Martin County Water Board in 1972, and for over 45 years she has been

A Review of HealthyLine’s Rainbow Mat

Find the Rainbow at the End of Every Storm... The Inframat Pro® – A Review of Healthyline's Rainbow Gemstone Mat, By Shareshten Senior I never imagined I would lose my father when I was 35. He was only 25 when I was born, and I was sure I would be at least 50 by the