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The Power of Your Inherent Right to Say No

Like most children growing up in the United States, I was told lies about the world around me.

Writing Contest Winners – Fall 2016

A Tribute to The Search Engine By: Jeanine Endsley “...And yet, we’re here. We’re alive. What might we do? What can we do? What will we do? Herein lies the challenge, herein lies the search.” - Jason Silva I am a student in the age of information communication technology. I am a seeker, like many

Adam Elfers : Muses of Musical Medicine

Music’s journey across the timeline of humanity has evolved, shifted and transformed just like every other aspect of life.


Guru and agent of collective expansion and inspired growth, Jupiter, will make it to the exact halfway point…

Modern Entrepreneur- Jill Factor

I am a somatic educator. I teach a fitness and lifestyle practice called Nia as well as yoga.

Modern Entrepreneur- Laurie Bass

I was drawn to the healing arts and modalities by the need to heal myself.

Modern Entrepreneur- Christina Wolf

My studio, Embody Movement Studio, is an ever-evolving sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.